Saturday, March 04, 2017

Brent Jordan: Why I'm running for Joplin Board of Educaiton

(From the Brent Jordan for School Board campaign)

My name is Brent Jordan and I am running for Joplin School Board. I have four children from grade school through high school whom have grown academically and personally because of the caring and dedicated influence of teachers, sponsors, and coaches!

Joplin is an amazing place to call home! I've been volunteering in our community since I moved my family here 12 years ago. I have coached/sponsored over a dozen different youth sports/activities.

I believe you attract and retain quality people by having great facilities, treating them with respect, and providing compensation equal to expectations. Having great programs in our schools- Art, Music, Theater, Franklin Tech, as well as academic coursework will continue to meet the learning styles of a diverse population of students. Joplin Schools should be the teaching mecca of SWMO. Students & teachers alike should revel in the fact that they're a part of something unique & special--being an Eagle should instill pride in all of our students & teachers.

I have 20+ years of educational experience as a teacher, a coach, and a professional school counselor.

The decision to elect quality school board members is critical to maintaining & advancing positive school performances! Here are the reasons I feel that I would be a great board member:

I will make sure that needs and concerns of the district are analyzed and discussed before decisions are rendered.

I will maintain the ability to see the long-term implications of these decisions.

I will respect and embrace the board's operating rules and guidelines.

I will continue to create and foster strong relationships within our community.

I will encourage the community's engagement in the school system.

I would sincerely appreciate your Vote on April 4th


Anonymous said...

"Brent Jordan: Why I'm running for Joplin Board of Educaiton"

Someone nedz some halp wit there spellin. Most people know it's spelled


Anonymous said...

He's definitely a quality person would make an outstanding board member. The fact that you key on an obvious typo says a lot more about you and him. I will definitely vote for him!