Tuesday, May 29, 2018

State Treasurer on Greitens resignation: Missourians must come tegother and work toward a better future

(From State Treasurer Eric Schmitt)

Missouri State Treasurer Eric Schmitt today released the following statement in response to the resignation of Governor Eric Greitens:

“Now is the time for the people of Missouri to come together and work toward a better future for our state. My focus is on helping to ensure a smooth transition of power so that state government can continue to serve Missourians without interruption. To that end, my office will be actively working with partners across state agencies and departments to help facilitate the transition process.”

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Anonymous said...

Maybe better oversight of how much, where and how it is used of the campaign donations is needed, but then again we could say something about Bubba Long and his use of funds. Overall a limit on donations equal to the salary of elected officials and that is all that is allowed to be spent on campaigning in total. No PAC's involved or outside interests running their own advertisements to achieve a goal of no real use to citizens and reaching out to get responsible citizens involved in running for office. The system has tilted so far out of balance with Koch Bros and others involved in getting persons elected it is impossible to keep corruption out of politics. Harkens back to the 20's and Pendergrass era of KC. Just very disappointed in the knowledge and involvement in voters to not see a problem with Greitens in first place. Like a bunch of Lemmings.