Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Neosho R-5 approves $150,000 lump sum buyout for Superintendent Dan Decker

Dan Decker is still superintendent of the Neosho R-5 until June 30, according to the terms of a separation agreement signed and dated April 26.

According to the agreement, which was obtained by the Turner Report through a Sunshine Law request, Decker, who was placed on paid administrative leave April 17, will remain on leave through June 30.

Current Seneca R-7 Superintendent Jim Cummins, a former R-5 assistant superintendent, will become superintendent July 1.

In addition to the $150,000, the separation agreement provides that the district no longer has any claims against Decker nor Decker any claims such as discrimination, lack of due process, or breach of contract against the district.

The three-page document also includes a provision that Decker not seek employment with the district any time in the future.

The agreement was accompanied by a letter of resignation from Decker.

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Anonymous said...

And where does that money come from? Of course, the district hasn't done a true budget since, what, August? So..just curious how they can afford to pay that much out, just to get rid of him glad he is gone, but wow!

Anonymous said...

Seems funny that both Joplin and Neosho has to pay to get rid of bad actors. Who writes these screwed up contracts and why can't they be written to rid bad supervisors without costing arm and leg. Surely the lawyer fees cannot amount to this much when so many points of bad conduct are obvious. Imagine what this amount of money would have bought on school supplies, trips for liberal art students, teacher hiring or raises, bonuses for teachers who perform above and beyond, scholarships for worthy students and a myriad of other worthy efforts.

Steve Holmes said...

Where can I get me one of those jobs, where I screw up to the tune of $2 million and get a $150,000 payout? I'm qualified! I can screw up just as well as the next guy!

Seriously, he must have had something on the district. Maybe about that Junior High situation Randy's been writing about. Does the agreement contain a clause preventing each side from talking smack about the other?

Anonymous said...

Paying a man for his misbehavior when the high school's a/c units are failing. Isn't that par for the course? What great sources of examples for the students behavior...NOT.

Anonymous said...

Paid $150,000 to shut up and go away,plus bonus promise to never come back?

Nice work if you can get it!

It's the bureaucratic version of wingnut welfare.

Anonymous said...

Blame belongs to the school board. They offered him a contract extension just this January. He accepted. All these problems were known then. This is their fault, but we taxpayers get to pay it!

Anonymous said...

Geez. I picked the wrong career. I can screw up much worse than him and cost a lot less. Joplin and Neosho have an expensive problem like this and yet, Joplin anyway is 28 Police officers down. Who is responsible for this?

Steve Holmes said...

Nothing personal, 10:38, but I'm the man they should pick. I could screw up the district in my first day on the job. I know absolutely nothing about school administration, and even less about being a superintendent. Does it have something to do with education?

Not to brag or anything, but I'm sure I could leave the district much worse off than you can -- and I'd go away for less than $100,000. See my long list of past failures on Linkedin.