Wednesday, May 30, 2018

My new book Newton County Memories available in paperback, e-book formats

For the past several months, I have been working on my latest book, Newton County Memories.

I have researched my past writings, in the Turner Report, my books, and in newspapers, looked through boxes of materials and then selected some previously published stories, many of them coming from the early days of this blog when it was lucky to reach a couple of hundred readers a day.

After I had selected the previously published pieces for the book, I wrote four new stories and added what I refer to in the book as "extra" stories that tie in with the previously written ones.

The work paid off this morning with the official publication of the paperback version of Newton County Memories and as of a few minutes ago, it is also available in an e-book format.the pers

I announced the publication of the book this morning on my Facebook page and the Inside Joplin Facebook page and listed the chapters in the book. Those are listed again in this post. Since this morning, I have had a couple of people ask me who some of the people and memories that are included in the book.

I am also printing a nearly complete list in this post of people whose names are featured in the book.

My thought behind the book is to remember the people, places and events that have enriched my life. Much of the book features stories about people who are no longer with us but who thankfully crossed my path.


2. Cold-Blooded Assassin (Remembering Dean Keeling)
14. Becky’s Mom (Remembering Helen Hildebrand)
18. Good Intentions Don’t Cut It (Remembering Willi Pierson)
21. The Meeting Place (Remembering the Neosho Square)
25. The Hangout (Remembering Gertrude Brown and the Brown Derby)
28. A Commitment to Young People (Remembering Terry Shepherd)
33. A Bases Loaded Intentional Walk (Remembering Gary Shepherd)
39. Special Delivery (Remembering Gary Nagle)
42. Return to Granby (Remembering the Newton County News)
50. No Love for the Captain and Tennille (Remembering James Payne)
53. The Long and Difficult Road (Remembering the Newtonia Tornado)
56. One-Year Anniversary (Remembering the Newtonia Tornado)
59. One of a Kind (Remembering Duane Beaver)
62. The Trailer Classroom (Remembering T. J. Bowman)
66. Those Who Can (Remembering the Teachers)
70. World Champions (Remembering the 1967 St. Louis Cardinals)
73. (The Words That Keep Her Alive (Remembering Barbara McNeely)
76. Letter to the Editor (Remembering Mr. Patrick)
79. No Stealing in Heaven (Remembering Rev. Freddie Franks)
82. Death of a Newspaper (Remembering the Neosho Daily News)
86. Art for the Ages (Remembering Newtonia History)
89. The Joy of Reading (Remembering the Bookmobile)
93. The Man in Charge (Remembering Rue Porter)
96. The Last Cup of Coffee (Remembering Wilma Bragg)
99. Taking the Blame (Remembering Mickey Owen)
102. The Last Performance (Remembering Bill Pierson)
105. Solid, Steady and Reliable (Remembering Tom Channel)
108. Instead of Just A Wishin’ (Remembering the Sportsman’s Friend)
111. The Place to Be (Remembering Rita Wheeler and Reta’s)
114. The Baseball Fields of Neosho (Remembering Ralph Houk)
116. The Last Time I Wore Makeup (Remembering Patty Renfro)
119. A Slap in the Face (Remembering Susan Warren and Little Moon of Alban)
122. A Few Ill-Chosen Words (Remembering Ranae Powell)
125. The Voice of the Cardinals (Remembering KMOX)
131. A Name From the Past (Remembering Bob Shore)
134. Making the Past Come to Life (Remembering Dixie Haase)
136. The Face of the Newspaper (Remembering Harlan Stark and Bill Ball)
139. The House on the Hill (Remembering Max Carter)
142. The Final Deadline (Remembering Eulah Hawkins)
145. It Started at East Newton (Remembering Ron Lankford)
148. Conversation and Politics (Remembering Mike Camerer)
151. Stolen Bases (Remembering an Oldtimers Game )
157. A Child Discovers Reality (Remembering Ranger Ed and the Fun Club and Children’s Shows of Yesteryear)

Names and Places

Jack Anderson
Slim Andrews
Anything Goes
Louis Armstrong
Ted Arnall
Aroma Express

Karla Babb
Pete Babb
Bill Ball
Buzz Ball
Lou Ann Ball
Baseball Digest
Duane Beaver
Don Bogle
Maggie Bowman
T. J. Bowman
Ken Boyer
Roy Bragg
Sharon Bragg
Vicki Bragg
Wilma Bragg
Lou Brock
Teddy Brock
Ernie Broglio
Brown Derby
Gertrude Brown
Vernie Browning
Jack Buck
Burnett Grocery
Bill Burress
Howard Bush
Richard Bush

Harry Caray
Max Carter
Orlando Cepeda
Norma Champion
Tom Channel
Charles O. Chester
Preston Chester
Civil War Cemetery
Bob Clark
Roberto Clemente
Sue Cole
Ronna Cook
Ed Cooper
Anne Cope
Ken Cope
Randy Cope
Geoff Cornish
Crowder College
Nettie Cummins

Dairy Dip
Bill Dalbom
Diamond Middle School
Dog N Suds

East Newton High School
Lester Ray Edgar
Harold Ensley

Fife and Drum
Kiley Finkbiner
Woody Fitzmaurice
Curt Flood
John Ford
Rev. Freddie Franks
The Fugitive
Donna Fullerton
Reta Fullerton

Bob Gibson
Charles Goade
Andy Griffith
Carroll Gum

Dixie Haase
Scott Harris
Eulah Hawkins
Gerry Henson
Whitey Herzog
Todd Higdon
Becky Hildebrand
Bob Hildebrand
Helen Hildebrand
Laurie Hildebrand
Anita Hilton
Danny Hilton
Craig Hopper
Jim Hunter
Ralph Houk
Kaylea Hutson

J. C. Penney
Julian Javier
Jackie Jensen
Billy Johnson
Burney Johnson
Hattie Mae Johnson
Lee Ann Johnson
Stan Johnson
Teddy Johnson
Don Johnston
Joplin Globe
Joplin News-Herald
Danny Judd
David Judd
Gary Judd
Larry Judd
Mark Judd
Tim Judd

Bill Keith
Ken’s Pizza
Paul Knight
Debbie Kruse

Ray Lankford
Ron Lankford
Tony LaRussa
Helen Lee
Brad Letts
Charlie Letts
Steve Letts
Tim Letts
Little Moon of Alban
Jim Lobbey

Joyce Mann
Mickey Mantle
Roger Maris
Janice Matthews
Willie Mays
Tim McCarver
Patrick McFarland
Gray McKinney
Barbara McNeely
Midway School
Ron Mitchell
The Mouse That Roared
Stan Musial

Gary Nagle
Roger Neer
Rick Nelson
Neosho Boulevard
Neosho Daily News
Neosho Newsstand
Neosho Nurseries
Neosho Square
Newton County News
Newtonia Community Building
Nichols Grocery

Old Mining Town Days
Gene Oliver
Roy Orbison
Mickey Owen
Alan Oxendine
Gary Oxendine

Helen Patrick
Hodgen Patrick
James Payne
Drew Pearson
Sherry Pettey
Bill Pierson
Willi Pierson
Rue Porter
Burl Powell
Keith Powell
Ranae Powell
Elvis Presley

Ranger Ed
Steve Ray
Irene Relf
Patty Renfro
Ritchey House
Johnny Rivers
Mae Robbins
Rita Roller
Jean Rowe

Chief Saddler
Ray Sadecki
St. Louis Cardinals
Karen Sapp
John Scott
Wana Senter
Mike Shannon
Gary Shepherd
Rob Shepherd
Terry Shepherd
Red Schoendienst
Bob Shore
Skinny and Rusty
Dick Smith Memorial Park
Bob Snyder
Rhonda Speak
Sporting News
Stark City
Harlan Stark
Chad Stebbins
Casey Stengel
Carolyn Strait
Emery Styron
John Styron
Pat Styron
Vern Styron
Amber Swartz
Randy Switzer

Danny Tanner
Richard Taylor
Vickie Thomas
Joe Torre
Herb Troxel
Robyn Trowbridge
Bill Turner
JoAnn Turner
Kelly Turner
Vicki Turner

Rob Viehman

Susan Warren
Scott Watson
Bill Webster
Minnie Weems
Larry Wheeler
Rita Wheeler
Scott White
Steve White
Ed Wilson
David Wormington
Dee Wormington


Newton County Memories can be ordered in paperback or e-book at the links below:

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Steve Holmes said...

I bought a copy. My Mom was raised in Granby. I spent many hours there as a kid. You have "Do" Beaver, Rex Burnett's Grocery, Eulah Hawkins and two Oxendines. What more does a book need?