Monday, May 07, 2018

Jealous reader to Turner: A "huge majority" of the people despise you and you have numerous literate enemies

I have a certain commenter who has had problems recently with getting his remarks on the Turner Report.

Sometimes, it is language; other times, it is a tendency to steer a long distance from the truth while making comments about me.

I have already rejected one comment from this person, judging from the writing style, and it has to be killing him to have to restrain himself just so he can get a comment on a blog that he hates so much (of course, he reads it because he despises me and is laughing at me and that is why everyone reads the Turner Report).

So I will reward his perseverance and post his comment, which reveals a lot more about his character than it does mine.

Your problem Turner is that you are not nearly as smart as you think you are. So you get caught and kicked out eventually and everyone is warned off from having anything to do with you.

So pretty much everyone in the local area who knows about you and what you stand for pretty much despises you. "Let Teachers Teach"??? Teach them what??? Practically no one wants teachers like you anywhere near their children.

So all you have left is a free blog in an area where a huge majority despises you and everything you stand for. You have numerous literate enemies able to ridicule you unmercifully.

So OF COURSE you have "horrible" comments that you have no choice but to censor. You sure didn't let rejection, termination of your employment and blacklisting teach you how to behave. Why should you let ridicule keep you from espousing the same ridiculous viewpoints showing why normal people in this area shouldn't have anything to do with you whatsoever?

Even if you publish this comment it is doubtful that you will learn anything. In order to be learn from your mistakes which come from a bad character and move forward you shall have to repent and beg forgiveness. Tell whoever is willing to listen that you are sorry and why. But like all evildoers you are not sorry, have no tears other than for yourself that you got caught and are full of complaint as to your isolation.

You have made your own prison and personal hell. Enjoy !!!

Of course, I could be wrong. This anonymous reader could be someone who has never tried to comment on this blog before and simply is one among thousands of "literate enemies" who despise me. That would not surprise me since I have yet to find a single literate enemy who adores me.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate you screening comments. Readers should be able to voice opinions, but should also be able to be mature and respectful. My child didn't have you as a teacher, but I have friends whose child(ren) did. I only heard positive, even after dismissal from teaching. I believe you owe no one an apology. If you did something in which repentance is needed, that's between you and God. And the Bible says nothing about begging for forgiveness. You just have to ask.

Anonymous said...

7:36PM has a different god -- one that doesn't require repentance.

Probably since 7:36pm is its own god.

Services are whenever you like at The First Church of Solipsism.

Anonymous said...

WOW! You really got this one going. Nice of you to give him/her the audience they wanted. Certainly don't agree with the vitriol spewed. Know you were the better person here. It was really generous of you.

Anonymous said...

11:55–Did you even read 7:36 whole comment? Your response doesn’t make sense.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Randy. If you have a chance, tell your literate enemy here that an introductory phrase or subordinate clause is punctuated with a comma following the phrase or clause. Thanks a bunch, and carry on.

Anonymous said...

Randy, do you have any enemies that are illiterate?