Monday, May 07, 2018

Blunt says whether Trump is telling the truth or not is unimportant

On the CNN program State of the Union Sunday, Sen. Roy Blunt made it clear he is not worried about whether President Donald Trump speaks the truth.

From the Associated Press article on Blunt's appearance on the program:
"The more important thing, I would suggest, is doing what you say you're going to do when you're elected president.

"The way the President communicates, whether he intends to mislead people or just doesn't have all the facts in his mind at the time, he is very accessible to the press."


Anonymous said...

OK, Blunt was elected by Missourians, so they as a whole do not want the truth. They prefer to be misled and lied to no matter what the subject is as long as they feel good about their elected official. Much like Long wants infrastructure money while spending outrageous amounts out in Las Vegas instead in Missouri. This has to say a lot about politicians in general that it is ok to lie about matters of state, meetings with foreign diplomats, past girl friends while married, how elections are conducted so long as you do what you said you were going to do instead of what is best for your country. But he does not do what he campaigned on and he does not change habits of himself or his cabinet in order to "drain the swamp". So Blunt is OK with lying and Ok with not doing what is promised and OK for any long list of misdeeds by himself and his party. Jeez, maybe this is why China is pulling out ahead of us so fast.

Anonymous said...

The great mystery is why Blunt is making excuses for Trump. After all Trump is costing Blunt a small fortune because of his tariff policy toward China. Golly Gee Mister Blunt, that Ethanol investment wasn't such a good idea after all.

Anonymous said...

You know, folks, if you don't like Blunt's attitude, or Billy Long's, or Greiten's, vote against them. Why do they keep getting reelected?

Anonymous said...

They’re all crooked