Thursday, May 24, 2018

Joplin Police Department cuts services effective immediately

(From the Joplin Police Department)

The reduction in services Joplin Police Chief Matt Stewart told the Joplin City Council May 7 would take place has gone into effect, according to a JPD news release.

Stewart told the Council his department was short 13 officers and that number could go up to 19 in the near future.

The text of the news release is printed below:

The following reduction of services is now in effect, as announced May 7th by Chief Matt Stewart, due to manpower shortages in our department:

• No longer accept ride-alongs except for those that are testing with us and/or are in the Police Academy or the Citizen’s Police Academy.

• No longer provide security for the many 5k runs that occur in the City.

• No longer be doing graffiti abatement in the City.

• No longer respond to past tense property crimes that are misdemeanors.

• No longer respond to crashes that occur on private property where the suspect vehicle leaves the scene and there are no injuries.

• Detectives will no longer follow up on misdemeanor theft reports.

Past tense property theft and property vandalism can be reported online or at the front desk of the PD by filling out a paper form. Private property hit and runs can also be completed online or at the front desk by filling out a paper form.

The front desk is open monday through friday 8am to 5pm, excluding certain holidays.

Online police reports can be completed at:


Anonymous said...

The City should take immediate action to restore these police services, including:
* Reducing management salaries by 5%.
* Reducing non essential hourly personnel hours by 4%.
* Reduce or close non essential services; pools, golf course, Memorial Hall.
* Reduce or eliminate the fee paid to the Chamber.
* Suspend all non essential out of town travel by city staff.
Time for the City to start making the hard decisions and face the issues head on and transparently.

JMOORE said...

I called the 3131 number this week to seek information concerning an elderly man at 27th and main. The man had on dark shades and had a white cane. He was on the east side of the street trying to hitch hike south. I tried to personally help him but he was very belligerent. The call to the police station went to an automated operator as in press two if you'd like an officer to return your call. I didn't feel it was an emergency so I didn't call 911 but in hindsight I should have. My fear is that the man had wandered away from home was confused about where he was and was going to get hurt.The man caught a ride but they didn't drop him off @ 32nd and main which is where he said he was going. I think next time I'll place more burden on the 911 system take the consequences and get help .JMOORE

Anonymous said...

A few comments:

x Have any "traffic enforcement" officers been reassigned to other high priority duties?
x I guess will know the answer (to the above) - if fewer tickets are handed out
x Will overtime be reduced - if services are cut?
x Maybe this will show that Joplin - can function - with fewer police officers - on a permanent basis.
x Are the service cuts - another "intimidation/threat" to the public - so that the police and get their way (more pay and more officers)?

Anonymous said...

To summarize, the City of Joplin does not care about it's citizens or it's police officers.

Dusty Roads said...

Scare tactics....just wanting more money from the city for more cops...just do your job with the manpower you have now...there are plenty of you

Anonymous said...

Is it possible we wouldn't need to cut our police force if we weren't spending so much on sidewalks throughout the city? Just a thought! All the sidewalks seem like a waste of spending.