Saturday, September 08, 2018

Josh Hawley: McCaskill's blatant obstruction of Kavanaugh nomination must end

(From the Josh Hawley campaign)

The hearings for Judge Kavanaugh so far have been a show of liberal Senators at their worst. Democrats have refused to listen during his hearings, choosing theatrics and disruption over doing their jobs.

Kavanaugh should be having one of the smoothest confirmation hearings in Supreme Court history. He is remarkably qualified, fair, and he has an almost unparalleled wealth of experience. Many have said that President Trump could not have made a better choice, and I must say I agree.

With so much at stake - religious liberty, immigration, the Second Amendment - our country needs someone like Judge Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court.

That’s why the grandstanding by those on the left is nothing short of shocking, and it’s why McCaskill’s blatant obstruction must end. Kavanaugh deserves better, but more importantly, our country deserves better.

Many Missourians who voted for Donald Trump did so because he promised to nominate qualified, conservative judges. Well, McCaskill made a promise too. She promised to represent Missouri’s interests in the Senate, a promise she is once again breaking. By choosing not to support this nominee, McCaskill is blatantly putting party leadership before her own state.

She's willfully letting her own constituents down.

This shouldn’t be about party loyalty, it should be about the future of our judicial system. I am running for Senate because in times like these, Missouri doesn’t have a voice with Claire McCaskill in office.

I hope the rest of Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing is more civil, and that he is quickly confirmed. I know Judge Kavanaugh will be a fantastic Supreme Court justice.


Steve Holmes said...

Two words, Josh: Merrick Garland. But I suppose the GOP stalling in that case was OK with you.

Anonymous said...

Maybe obstructionists like you and others in the republican party should be thinking of handing over those 100,000 pages of his correspondence that you guys are hiding. Maybe you are afraid that he has said and done things that are guaranteed to null the nomination. Lest we forget perjury testimony on his confirmation for the federal bench in the past. The guys is a loser and let us not throw rocks at the Democrats when you/your party withheld over 100 appointments put forth by Obama. If that is not blatant racism I am at a loss to define the term any other way. You guys suck.

Merrick Gerland said...

Blatent obstructionism has it's place!

Only a 'man' like Howdy Doody Howley could complain about obstructionism with a straight face!


Anonymous said...

I think this guy is full of it

Anonymous said...

Blatant racism? It’s blatant partisan politics. What in the world is your definition of racism? If things don’t go your way, pull out the race card?

Harvey Hutchinson said...

Why is she afraid to debate openly?
Not under the protection and rigged processes of three Fake news organizations in the big cities.
There are other forums and fair organizations such as League of Women Voters, and even Public Television, without a vested interest, and a zeal for fairness, and TRUE desire for democracy from the founders, to stage these events. They have a great history of this. The Fake News are unfair, and looking for ad sales, and pay-offs.

She’s slicker than owl shit, and knows what she’s doing in the cowardice area!
Harvey Hutchinson 303-522-6622 voice&text

Anonymous said...

441 Yep and they always seem to get emotionally distressed over anything that does not fit their snowflake lives...

Steve Holmes said...

So should Billy Long debate, too?

If it's partisan politics now, was it partisan politics when the GOP blocked Garland?

Concerned citizen said... was Joe Bidens stance in 1992-3...funny how folks have selective memories

Steve Holmes said...

Biden was wrong. Now, it's your turn to tell me the GOP was wrong on Garland, and if not, why not. And why what the Dems are doing is worse that what the GOP did.

Concerned citizen said...

Pox on both houses,politicians/politics dont play bean bag

Engaged Citizen said...

@ “Concerned Citizen”

Maybe you should change your name to Cop-out Citizen. A pox on both houses? Who the hell do you support, the Independents, Green Party, Libertarians? None of those three will ever lead anything, other than a loser’s contest. You just want to bitch, no commitment to anything, other than yourself. If you want to be taken seriously, pick a party, and actually attempt to influence it, otherwise you’re just a whiner.