Friday, September 21, 2018

KOLR analyst goes out on a limb, says some people in Springfield will like Trump's message, others won't

In the accompanying video, KOLR political analyst Dr. Brian Calfano, a teacher in the political and journalism departments at the University of Cincinnati (but a frequent visitor to Springfield, according to his station bio), doesn't exactly take any risks with his assessment of tonight's visit of President Donald Trump to Springfield.

Calfano says Trump will praise the job Seventh District Congressman Billy Long is doing in Washington and tell the audience how much he needs Attorney General Josh Hawley to be elected to the U. S. Senate.

"Showing up to the region to say Billy and Roy are doing great up in Washington, and to send some help to our Republican Senator Mr. Blunt in the form of Josh Hawley... these are all things you can expect to hear from the President tonight.

Calfano also goes out on a limb and says some people will be receptive to that message and others will not like it and that there will be protesters for and against the president.

Though Califano offers no view on the subject, reportedly it could be raining in Springfield tonight, unless it is not raining in Springfield tonight.

I wonder how much KOLR pays Calfano.

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