Friday, September 07, 2018

Neosho Daily managing editor takes GateHouse buyout, pens farewell column

At the same time GateHouse Media officials were telling Carthage Press readers the Neosho Daily News would be covering major Carthage news, they had already accepted the resignation of the Daily's managing editor.

That promise to Carthage readers appears to be nothing but a ploy to convince a few gullible Press readers that they could continue to receive their community's news by subscribing to the Daily.

The most recent edition of the Neosho Daily contained no mention of Carthage news and Carthage news.

The newspaper, as it should, had a page one filled with Neosho stories and Neosho and Newton County information on the inside pages.

The newspaper featured a farewell column from Managing Editor Todd Higdon, who had been with the Daily for 16 years.
When I made the decision to leave the Daily News, I had co-workers ask if we were moving. The answer is NO. I love this community, I have been a part of it for 47 years, growing up in Newtonia. Dad worked at CBT (Community Bank and Trust) for more than 50 years, he and Mom would shop locally and Tina and I are invested in this community. We have friends here, her job is close and it is a great community.
Once again, I want to thank you all for everything.

The newspaper includes a half-page house ad, extolling the virtues of the Neosho Daily News and GateHouse Media, which includes the following phrase:

In our world, trust means everything.

At the bottom of this ad is a scary, disturbing message about GateHouse Media:

America's largest publisher of community newspapers

My new book Newton County Memories writes about a time when community newspapers actually covered the community and includes some stories about the Neosho Daily News, as well as many of the colorful people, places and events that have made Newton County so special in my life.

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Anonymous said...

This is going to be tough on Neosho. Todd was a good man who loved the Neosho/Newton county area and hope he can stay around and continue his fight for the truth. All I know is that in these times we need good newspapers who will start standing up to the corruption going on down in the local level. Turner does that with his blog and now we need more truthful reporting to expose the screw ups taking place. In case you have not kept up, the local governments, county and state are controlled by the republicans and you should have figured out by now who is responsible for waste, fraud and abuse of taxpayer money. Wise up dunderheads.

Anonymous said...

Why do newspaper people always feel the need to write these same farewell stories when they leave? Yes, you've met a lot of wonderful people. Yes, this is a wonderful community that has touched your heart. Yes, there were many things you will never forget. GET OVER YOURSELF!! Other people don't wail and whine when they leave a job. Why do newspaper reporters?

Anonymous said...

>>>Other people don't wail and whine when they leave a job. <<<

Ask the folks at Mid Continent Nail Corporation...

Anonymous said...

Hey 11:15, why do people with miserable lives always feel the need to beclown themselves writing wailing, whining comments like yours?