Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Cynthia Davis on Kavanaugh nomination: Democrats are cranking out false allegations like dime store novels

(The following column was written by former Rep. Cynthia Davis, R-O'Fallon, who is host of an internet radio show.)

The old expression is, "Give 'em enough rope to hang themselves." But what happens if you give them enough rope to hang you? The Democratic Party is cranking out false allegations like dime store novels. The sad truth is they can keep going as long as the Republican Party allows this to continue.

The Senate can easily fix this by enacting a rule that only allows allegations that are accompanied by an adjudicated case with a guilty finding or a current police report.

Without any legal finding, the Senate Committee acts like the law enforcement division. When I was in the House of Representatives, I had to frequently remind myself and others of the limits of our jurisdiction. The Senators need a job description to protect them from being turned into judge and jury of criminal cases, which is a mockery of a real court.

The Senators were elected to pass and repeal laws. They are not trained to judge these cases, nor should they. So we now have a farce! Judicial confirmations are now reduced to whichever side screams the loudest....and the left side is up to the challenge of winning an ideological contest with tantrums. The stakes are high if the Supreme Court becomes a non-elected law-making body.

A recent headline says, "What Democrats are doing Should Bother You". I say, "What Senate Republicans are doing Should Bother You." It's like we're in a storm and the pilot is allowing the vessel to turn and twist wherever the wind blows. As long as this technique is working, expect more of it.

Some of us might be mad at the Democrats, but we can't blame them for acting this way. They are not fighting Brett Kavanaugh. They are fighting for a National policy to legalize the destruction of the unborn. This is an ideological fight. The opposing side will do anything possible to fight for the anti-life philosophy. Sadly, these stall tactics are working. As long as it's throwing off the Republicans, why not continue until Trump is out of office?

The Constitution says the President nominates candidates to the Supreme Court and the Senate confirms, but what if the Senate stalls out every confirmation until Trump is out of office? I'm sure this is something the Democrats already considered behind closed doors. If the Democrats effectively block every nominee, it's possible to never have another justice confirmed! The biggest surprise is that they can be so effective while being the minority.

If it were the other way around and we had a Democrat President appointing justices who wanted to destroy the Constitution, would we disrupt, distract and dismantle every candidate? The Republicans didn't put up any memorable fight against Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor or Elena Kagan, but obviously, the two teams are playing with different sets of rules.

The Democrats are united in their positions on sexual perversion, illegal aliens, anti-life and welfare/Obamacare. Despite the Party platform, Republican leadership seems to be divided on core issues. "A house divided cannot stand". Will the Republicans come together and commit to making the values espoused in the platform a reality? Judging by actions, I'm not convinced the GOP wants to actualize its platform.

What's the answer? Both major political parties give great credibility to polls. The leadership cares more about getting votes than the issues behind the votes. This fiasco is about both sides trying to appeal to the mob and thereby gain political ground. It is our duty to communicate the values that are important to us.

Those in leadership will lead when they believe they have a groundswell of support. It's important to let them know we're tired of their cop-outs, rationalizations, and hand-wringing. They were elected to represent us, not to represent the leadership of the Party.


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe what you wrote. Your pants have to be on fire. Republicans didn't put up any fight! Where were you during the Obama administration? As to Brett, why doesn't the Senate or President have the FBI investigate the allegations as has been done in the past? I would assume that they are afraid that Brett is not true to his account and has lied too many times on previous nominations. Oh, why doesn't the Republicans release the 100,000 pages of his work with Bush or will that further prove he has lied during much of his career. You are shrill for the party of greed, corporation control and we cannot even get involved with Long as he is a case in itself.

Anonymous said...

It's not complicated. Serious accusations have been made. The accusers are calling for a thorough FBI investigation, knowing that lying to the FBI is a crime. The accused and those who support him do not want an investigation. That tells me all I need to know.

Anonymous said...

Accusations with no proof. As a matter of fact, witnesses all support the accused. A case this flumsy would never make it to court. This is a she said/ everyone else said situation. Just because she claims to be a victim doesnt make her more believable than what a group of others say. She has no evidence. We should all be concerned that one person making unfounded accusations can cause this much of an issue.