Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Cynthia Davis: KKK supporters and perverts (Democrats) acted like children during Kavanaugh hearings

(Author Cynthia Davis, R-O'Fallon, is a former state representative) 

It's hard to believe these are grown adults when you watch people getting arrested at a public hearing for something that's supposed to be dignified. Many of the Democrat protesters are treating this hearing as if we were holding an election on whether abortion should be legal in our Country.

The party of the KKK, in favor of killing millions of unborn, Jim Crow Laws, Robert Byrd, sexual perversion, slavery and opposition to the Civil Rights Act now says one moderate Republican judge is an existential threat to our Democracy.

When Barack Obama was in the White house, we knew he would select Supreme Court Justices who believe that babies don't deserve a Constitutional right to life. Historically senators confirmed most nominees if the candidates appeared to fill the qualifications for the office. Now that the roles are reversed, we are seeing obstructionism taken to a new level. Although this was for a different hearing, one of the Congressmen from Missouri handled a protester in another hearing by using his talents as an auctioneer to drown out a disorderly spectator.

My friend, Bev Ehlen, posted that Concerned Women for America was allowed two tickets to attend the hearing. We presume these gallery tickets go to mature, responsible and respectful people to observe the proceedings. We should wonder how these highly limited and valuable seats could have been given to people who would yell out, shout over the Chairman and some appeared to be violent, mentally unstable or good actresses.

At first I thought the Chairman did a horrible job of maintaining control of the hearing. Some insiders say it was all scripted. The Republicans were offering a televised view of the shenanigans of the Left in an effort to let people see their tantrums. I'm not sure that's a good tactic.

While it's true that a lot of people have lost respect for the Democratic Party over this, it's also true that as a taxpayer, I'm not looking for Academy Award level of entertainment. Governmental proceedings should not be for the purpose of manipulating the voters.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree. A party of degenerates and anti-white racists.

Jonathan Dresner said...

Governmental proceedings should not be for the purpose of manipulating the voters.

Tell it to the Benghazi committees.

Mr. Turner: allowing this level of historical ignorance and cultural slander a place on your blog calls into question my attention to it.

Anonymous said...

Democratic Liberals are completely out of control. I am so ashamed for them. What you are seeing is a separation of good versus evil. It's always been there, just not as blatant.
Defending abortion and a religion that promotes the slaughter of Christians is high up on their agenda.
There is nothing civilized about that kind of behavior.

Anonymous said...

This is a forum to voice opinion. This article is "spot on". The Democratic party has lost complete control of their faculties. The socialists extremists are taking over. You are witnessing the end of civility and the end of the democratic party as you know it.
Better get a clue, fast.

There is a reason Missouri is fast catching up with Mississippi in the race to the bottom said...

Posting a Cynthia Davis screed is fishing for Morans in the comments!!