Saturday, September 29, 2018

Jason Smith: Dr. Ford may believe her accusations against Kavanaugh are true, but they are just hit job against Kavanaugh

(From Eighth District Congressman Jason Smith)

When I wrote in July that history showed Judge Kavanaugh and his family were about to experience “the absolute ugliest in politics,” I had no idea how far the United States Senate would fall. Any hopes that Washington would set aside personal ambitions and responsibly ‘advise and consent’ vanished this week, as Senator Feinstein and her followers chose instead to search and destroy. At Judge Kavanaugh’s hearings we witnessed how destructive their thirst for power is, and watched a Senate circus publicly harm two families in the name of power and greed.

I have no reason to doubt Dr. Ford believes her testimony to be true. I also have no reason to doubt Judge Kavanaugh’s testimony. Both were believable, emotional, and credible witnesses. However, we have every reason to believe the lead-up to Thursday’s hearing was a carefully-timed political hit job by Senators who intended to smear Judge Kavanaugh’s name and drag out his confirmation as long as possible.

The hearing this week was an embarrassment that should have never taken place. Dr. Ford had no new details or corroborating evidence to provide. She should have been heard in private, as she requested. Instead, Ranking Democrat Dianne Feinstein sat on her allegation for six weeks. She had every opportunity to discuss this alleged incident with her colleagues in the Senate, or even Judge Kavanaugh himself. As she was interviewing Judge Kavanaugh for an hour, she made no mention of the letter she had in her possession or the fact that she and her staff were actively helping Dr. Ford find a lawyer. She said nothing as Judge Kavanaugh testified for 30 hours in front of the committee the first time. Not one related question was included in the 1,000 answered questions the Judge supplied to the committee. And then, just as Judge Kavanaugh survived a week of liberal Senators grandstanding and fundraising off of his confirmation hearings and was on track to be confirmed, suddenly Dr. Ford’s allegations leaked to the press.

I wish we had gotten to the bottom of things on Thursday, but the nature of Dr. Ford’s allegation made that impossible. Dr. Ford testified emotionally about something she believes to be true, and Judge Kavanaugh forcibly denied anything like this ever took place and offered as much evidence as he could to clear his name. No new details, corroborating evidence, or any meaningful facts backing up the allegation came to light. What we’re left with is eight hours of character assassination attempts and no concrete reason to believe that this alleged incident in any way represents the man Judge Kavanaugh is today or has been for the past 30 years.

It’s simply not enough. Allowing uncorroborated accusations from over three decades ago, which have been denied in sworn statements of people who were supposedly there, would set a terrible, dangerous precedent for the Senate and the Supreme Court.

I feel for both the Kavanaugh and Ford families as they go through this terrible circus – every day must feel like a lifetime and I can’t begin to imagine how difficult this is to explain to their young family members. The Senate, once called the “greatest deliberative body in the world,” has failed them and has failed the American people at every step of this confirmation process. End this circus. It’s time to vote.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry Jason. If he is confirmed he will simply be impeached and removed as soon as the Democrats gain control of Congress. Perjury is still a felony and an impeachable offense.

Anonymous said...

Typical leftist crybaby... impeach...impeach....impeach.

Anyone who disagrees with the left must be silenced. There can be no differing opinion....

Anonymous said...

It is a good thing we have your expert beliefs in these trying times. I have heard the best description of the whole event as follows: At least three women have said they were assaulted by him, and grant it happening many years ago, but would you hire a baby sitter for the next thirty years to take care of your children if three people said he molested them? I believe it was Jeffery Toobin who made that analogy and it along with his heavy drinking and coziness to the President, first Justice that could be confirmed with that payback owed to the the Prez, that should give all Americans pause that he is not the best choice. It seems quite weird seeing him against the likes of Ginsberg and Edwards on the bench. Too bad the Supreme Court cannot express their thoughts on the worthiness of this guy. So much to lose and so little to gain with his approval.

Anonymous said...

Christine Ford is a washed out drunk CIA old hag who lied thru her teeth. Judge K better be confirmed. He is innocent. Glad FBI is investigating. Feinstein is going down. CBF will be exposed too for her Salem Witch Hunt. #VoteJoshHawley #ConfirmKavanaugh #ArrestFeinstein #ArrestCIAFord

Harvey Hutchinson said...

Anonymous 11:34,
You are correct. Soros and his ilk spent a million dollars, and trash Feinstein on this whole con job.
One of the women said she wdnt to 10 gang rape parties ( why did she keep going back?)
The other one has Avenati gorba lawyer— a 1000% slime bucket.

Ford is lying and imagining something from 36 years ago. She and her husband are Democratic operatives.
The FBI supplemental investigation is going to back fire on the Democrats.

The next Supreme Court replacement will not use this circus procedure

Harvey Hutchinson 303-522-6622 voice&text

Anonymous said...

So glad that Harvey knows all this stuff. What a sad life he must lead that he sits at home sucking up the republican lies about the Ford family. I just wished I had that inside information that he and 11:34 has from the FBI and CIA on them being operatives. Why did you not warn us about Trump working for Putin and Russian operatives before the election? Soros may have, noticed may, spent millions, but what do you have to say about Koch Bros. spending hundreds of millions to create the monopoly of so many industries? Mum on that topic or what about Baby Josh swinging back and forth on health care initiatives? What about your brilliant support of Greitens during the last election? Must have missed those CIA and FBI reports on his dirty dealings.

Hyacinth said...

As a behavioral health professional, I have no doubts that Dr. Ford is telling us what she remembers about the event. Some people are just more sensitive than others about being accosted. It doesn't matter how long ago that this took place, but she remembers it like yesterday and it has affected her entire life. Her "brain camera" took the picture and put it on the back burner. I think that Dr. Ford decided that when Kavanaugh was nominated for the position of the highest court justice she just couldn't keep it in her pocket any longer. She is doing what she thinks is the right thing. Personally, I watched the whole hearing and I was appalled at Kavanaugh's reaction. I saw a man who was probably a mean drunk in youth and he has carried this behavior into adulthood. Subsequent information that has come from his classmates has finalized that Kavanaugh has no business making decisions for the rest of us. This goes to his character and perjury.