Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Newspaper war brewing in Carthage- second newspaper preparing to launch

When I wrote that a newspaper can succeed in Carthage, some Turner Report readers thought that sentiment was hilarious, that newspapers are dying and GateHouse Media had done Carthage a favor by putting the Press out of its misery.

Less than two weeks after I wrote that post, one newspaper, the Carthage Chronicle, published by Paul Donley, who owns the Jasper County Citizen in Carl Junction, the Sarcoxie Record and the Pierce City Leader-Journal, has already been launched.

Earlier post: A newspaper can succeed in Carthage

Another newspaper that will feature former Press editor John Hacker and financed by Rush/Hoover media group, which includes Carthage native and former Press employee David Hoover appears to be ready to publish by sometime next month.

Judging from what I am hearing, the Rush/Hoover group will stress that the newspaper will be run by Carthage people for Carthage people. Donley, however, was there first and will likely have at least two more issues published to get Carthage residents used to his brand of newspaper before the second newspaper hits the streets.

KODE's Gretchen Bolander broke the news about the Rush/Hoover project this evening.. 

A survey was commissioned to find out what Carthage readers want from a newspaper. The survey can be found at this link.


Anonymous said...

if the advertisers wouldn't support one paper what makes them think it will support 2?

Unknown said...

An excellent question.

My 4great Uncle owned the second newspaper in a north Alabama town, as well as practicing law as the second legal firm. He didn't sell many NP ads, and he didn't have many legal cases; therefore he went under and left then for the Mexican State of Tejican. As commander of the Alamo defenders, Colonel William B. Travis was one of the first that Generalissimo Santa Ana’s forces shot and killed.

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Unknown said...

Am not impressed with the first edition, we want a real local newspaper not just the front and back page.