Monday, September 24, 2018

Trump to Josh Hawley: McCaskill and Schumer are desperate, they'll do anything to win

(From the Josh Hawley campaign)

Backstage at the rally on Friday, I had a few minutes to talk to the President about how the campaign is going.

I told him all of the good news. Everywhere we go, we can feel a real momentum and excitement with everyone we talk to.

He listened carefully and then gave me his advice: "You cannot let up. No matter how well you think it is going, you have to remember how desperate Claire McCaskill and Chuck Schumer are to win this race - they will do anything."

Mr. President, you are right again. We cannot let up in this race. We need to keep fighting.

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Anonymous said...

Their desperation arises as they try and control an out of touch, crooked and lying party of your kind. The talley is over 4,000 lies since you begun office and that is all that can be counted. You have obstructed justice and appointed some of the most incompetent people to your cabinet, offices and departments. Let us not get into the lack of oversight into Russian meddling in our electoral system and hamstringing the offices that should be providing much needed intelligence for upcoming elections. Let us not point too many fingers at the number of disgraced republican senators and representatives that have been forced to leave due to criminal acts. Explain how we can have a democracy when a few individuals have given over 375 million dollars to campaigns for congressmen when the job only pays in the mid 100k range? You have gutted or tried to gut environmental regulations protecting our citizens from industry, destroyed worker protection, destroyed worker pay by hamstringing unions, you have spent more time at YOUR HOTELS AND RESORTS than any previous president or two presidents violating the emolument clause with no oversight by responsible agency. Desperate, I would hope they are and continue so to protect our country and its citizens.