Thursday, September 06, 2018

Congressional upset in the works? Poll shows Joplin's Cort VanOstran leading Ann Wagner in 2nd District

A new poll released this week shows Joplin High School graduate Cort VanOstran, the Democratic candidate for Congress in Missouri's Second District is leading incumbent Ann Wagner.

VanOstran's lead, according to the Expedition Strategies poll is two percent, 43 to 41, well within the margin of error indicating the race is a dead heat.

Though he has an unexpected lead and appears to have the momentum, VanOstran is taking nothing for granted.

In a message sent today to supporters, VanOstran reminded them of the big money backing Wagner.

It has been a busy day for our campaign with the news that the latest poll in MO-02 has us leading Ann Wagner by two points. Today's news is exciting, but let's not forget who we're up against.

Ann Wagner is a millionaire bankrolled by corporate PACs. I'm a lawyer and a teacher with student loans, backed by you.

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Anonymous said...

RWNJ heads will assplode if this happens!