Friday, September 07, 2018

McCaskill: Missourians are fed up with Republican efforts to sabotage protection for pre-existing conditions

(From Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-MO)

A while ago, at one of my town halls, I asked everyone in the room who knew someone with a preexisting condition to raise their hand.

The number of hands that went up was stunning.

So I started asking that same question at lots of events -- and that first town hall was not a fluke. Almost every family in Missouri includes someone with a preexisting condition, from diabetes to heart disease to cancer.

And all those people? They're getting left out in the cold.

The Administration recently expanded short term "junk" insurance plans that can exclude preexisting conditions or raise premiums for folks with a preexisting condition.

These bare-bones plans are cheap, but they often exclude basic health benefits like hospitalization, substance abuse treatment, maternity care, and even prescription drugs. They also allow insurance companies to skirt the requirement that they cover people with preexisting conditions, and that threatens access to healthcare for all those Missourians who've had the nerve to have gotten sick before.

I'm fighting back because I know that these ‘junk' plans are just that... junk.

I'm fighting to make sure Missourians have access to affordable, quality healthcare - so I introduced a measure to repeal this new rule.

Missourians have been perfectly clear: they're fed up with Republican efforts to sabotage and take away their healthcare -- or jack up costs -- just because they have diabetes or high blood pressure.

I've fought to defend preexisting condition protections, and I'm not stopping now. I promise I'll never stop fighting to keep those protections in place.


Concerned citizen said...

Her vote gave us higher cost healthcare and is ruining our future healthcare...take care of legitimate chronic needs,YES,but the bureaucratic control of medicine stinks.....where are new doctors and nurses going to come from under her eventual single payer socialist program.

Anonymous said...

Concerned Citizen are you aware that Medicare is a single-payer system run by the government bureaucracy? It works great and is more cost efficient than the private healthcare delivery system - numbers don't lie.

Anonymous said...

Missourians are fed up with you and your Progressive cohorts who are only in politics for the power and money involved. For the first time, we now have a government for the people, and our country. You need to go!

Concerned citizen said...

858...yeah Your crowd is in process of bankrupting it too...socialistic pablum

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:40 - just where is that government "for the people" hiding. Under the sofa maybe? Surely you aren't alluding to the conman who's so busy monetizing the presidency for his own gain? Take a look:

Y'all got took.