Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Joplin High School principal announces resignation

The Joplin R-8 Board of Education accepted the resignation of High School Principal Shane Hopper during a closed session Tuesday night.

Hopper will serve until the end of the school year. This is his first year with the district. He was hired in June to replace Brandon Eggleston, who resigned to become superintendent of the Seneca R-7 School District.

Hopper, a Joplin native, had served as head principal at McCluer North High School in the St. Louis area from 2005 to 2015 and was head principal in the Ritenour School District from 2015-2018.

Hopper notified teachers, staff and parents of his resignation in the following message this morning:

Dear Joplin High School Community,

With a heavy heart I am announcing that at the conclusion of the school year, I will be leaving the Joplin area. 

I do have absolute affection for JHS and most importantly, love for our students. The whole mission has been to encourage and empower young people to reach their maximum potential in all things they choose to examine. I sincerely believe that ALL of our students have a chance to be highly successful in their explorations. In life, you can be taken in many directions. I am headed back for some personal and professional opportunities in the St. Louis area next year.

In letting the school district know this, I am giving them ample time to find a suitable candidate to lead Joplin High School for the 2019-20 school year. In particular, I am very thankful and grateful to Dr. Moss for her leadership. I find it sincere and kid-centered. There are many fine staff members here who put students first in all they do. This needs to be a continued collective push for the success of JHS. Students need adults they can trust and believe in each and every day.

As long as Joplin Schools keeps putting students first in all endeavors, it will experience future and continued success. This is the key and challenge. We still have three months of school to get this current senior class graduated. Let’s work hard to the finish to ensure JHS students have the best opportunities afforded to them on a daily basis.

Helping to educate,
Dr. Shane Hopper
Proud Principal of JHS


Anonymous said...

His letter sounds like a guy that didn't want to leave. Could there be more to the story?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like there was a group of the Old guard of teachers that didn't like the kids feeling empowered. I bet they made this poor guys life Hell. They probably started off with good intentions of who does this outsider think he is. Sounds like they missed the fact that teachers are there for the kids, not the other way around.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there is more to the story. He is missing the opportunity to watch his Niece and Nephew grow up. Dr. Hopper is very family oriented.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bring back Keith Zeka and his administrative team. JHS lacks discipline.

Anonymous said...

Maybe there won't be as many fights.

Anonymous said...

10:42....right on the money. This is totally ridiculous. Why would anyone ever want to work in this district when these old burnouts just bitch and complain about everyone and everything all the time to Fort and Martucci. Unbelievable the culture they promote around here. Continue to watch as teachers leave this place by the dozen.