Monday, February 25, 2019

Roy Blunt: Not even George Washington could stand up to investigations Trump is going through

During an interview Sunday on the CBS program Face the Nation,  Sen. Roy Blunt, R-MO, criticized the number of investigations focusing on President Donald Trump:

(T)he problem with all these investigations which is why we don't do that totally independent special counsel anymore- Democrats and Republicans let that lapse- is not that they're too narrow, but they get too broad. I'm- I'm not sure that George Washington's expense account could stand up against the entire force of the federal government if you looked at everything related to everything as opposed to really focusing on what was supposed to be the charge here which is collusion.

Our chairman, Chairman Burr, said two or three weeks ago that we have so far found no evidence of collusion and you can see everybody backpedaling now - House and Senate - both on the idea that collusion is going to be in the report. They want to come up with lots of other things that I think are going to be much more arguable than a pure finding of collusion would have been because I don't think that's there--

Under further questioning from the program's host, Margaret Brennan, Blunt acknowledged the committee had not completed its investigation so evidence of collusion may yet be found and that he would "like to have a little more access to the Mueller investigation," before reaching any conclusion.


Anonymous said...

Blunt is flipping like a worm on a hot sidewalk. Watching him agree that border apprehensions are at a 50 year low according to Customs and Border Patrol, and that there was no emergency per the national intelligence officials, why he would not vote against such an unconstitutional effort to subvert the Congressional responsibility on funding. Roy’s squirming is like watching a slug on a hot radiator

Anonymous said...

Which is it, a slug or a worm?

Anonymous said...

All of the above

Anonymous said...

President Amphetamine and all his cohorts will be getting the equivalent of a weekly criminal colonoscopy.

Anonymous said...

I have a true dislike for the idiots that post on this blog.