Thursday, February 21, 2019

Josh Hawley: The FBI needs to be held accountable

(From Sen. Josh Hawley)

We once thought something like this only happened in other countries, yet now we’re seeing it in the most powerful democracy in the world.

Former high ranking FBI official Andrew McCabe admitted to discussing plans to oust President Trump from office, ignoring the will of the people and declaring him “unfit,” because McCabe doesn’t agree with the President's policies.

It sounds to me like the FBI didn’t want to be held accountable; when the President tried to do his job, they retaliated. 

As I said this morning on Fox and Friends, I want to hear from the FBI, I want to know who is responsible, and I want answers for the American people.


Anonymous said...

Well Josh Boy, if they are that corrupt, I would be careful about bad mouthing them. They might just find money in your freezer like they did when a Representative named Jefferson was causing a stir.

Anonymous said...

I think we'll all be hearing from the FBI, Robert Mueller, and the prosecutors in the Southern District of New York fairly soon, and I don't think Josh is going to like what they have found out about Trump and his associates, information supported by a ton of evidence and a mound of documents.

Anonymous said...

So, you people don't think the FBI needs to be held accountable?

Anonymous said...

2:57, if any FBI agents did what Hawley says they did, I would want them to be held accountable, but what Hawley states as having taken place did not happen. It is not true.

Anonymous said...

Well, I would say they need to be held accountable because they failed to adequately investigate Trump and associates sooner and have all them and children in jail for so many crimes we are finding out about. It seems that crime has been on a spree with the revelations we are now seeing in the circle of Trump and his group. Not only him and his associates, but his kids have inherited his "I can do no wrong, because I am rich". Our federal corrections system is going to need some trailers to house the boys going away.

Anonymous said...

Hawley is probably afraid the FBI will investigate his misuse of campaign employees to run his AG's office. He has rapidly become a mouthpiece for Trump.