Sunday, February 17, 2019

Jail search of Galena woman charged with assaulting Joplin police officer reveals bra filled with meth

The Joplin Police Department had already arrested a Galena, Kansas woman for possession of a controlled substance and assault on a law enforcement officer when a City Jail search turned up a bra filled with meth.

According to the probable cause statement, JPD officer Seth Lugenbell approached Stephanie Wells, 39, at 1102 W. 7th after seeing her standing behind an open business near an air conditioning unit after leaving "a location known for the sale of illegal narcotics."

From the probable cause statement:

When Wells was contacted, she provided a false name and false identifying information. After providing this false information, Wells fled from Detective Lugenbell on foot. When Detective Lugenbell pursued and apprehended Wells, she attempted to strike (him) in the face multiple times with her left hand during the course of the arrest.

After Wells was arrested, her true identity was determined and she was found to have an overriding felony Newton County, Missouri warrant for her arrest.

After being arrested, Wells was found to be in possession of multiple items of drug paraphernalia and for the consumption of methamphetamine.

After being transported to the Joplin City Jail, Wells was searched and found to be concealing a small plastic baggy in her bra. The baggy contained a white crystallized substance of suspected methamphetamine.

Online Newton County Circuit Court records show Wells was given a five-year sentence, which was then suspended, and placed on probation after pleading guilty September 12, 2016 to a felony charge of possession of a controlled substance.

Her probation was revoked August 28, 2017, and she was given 10 days of shock time and was released September 7, 2017. Her probation ended January 28. 2019.

Wells' bond has been set at $3,500.

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Anonymous said...

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