Friday, February 15, 2019

Josh Hawley on spending bill: It's a dumb way to do the people's business

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-MO issued the following statement after voting against the spending bill, which passed the Senate by an 82-18 vote:

The spending bill we just voted on is the latest exhibit of why Congress is dysfunctional. The bill is 1,100 pages and it was filed in the dead of night. Only in Washington is this considered normal.  

The process is broken and it’s a dumb way to do the people’s business, especially when it comes to upholding our most important responsibility - keeping our people safe.
The spending bill doesn’t secure our border and weakens the authority of ICE to keep our citizens safe.


Anonymous said...

Well Josh, welcome to the Congress that has been doing business this way for a decade. Mitch said he was not going to do business with Obama and they didn't and our country is screwed up beyond belief to our forefathers. Your party has gone down the tubes and only those drinking orange man Kool-Aid got you where you are and thankfully out of Missouri. Now in the next round of elections we hopefully have a informed electorate that sees fit to rid Blunt and Long to the unemployment roles. It is what is best for the country and not the businesses that give you money to be bought and paid for by their lobbyists. Now it has become a banana republic with little thought to people versus a entitled 1%.

Anonymous said...

What is best for the country? One political party in charge of everything without opposition? Well comrade, now you're talking true banana republic.

Anonymous said...

I would not worry about it Josh. You will be removed long before you come up for re-election.

Starting to get a bad feeling about this clown s said...

Where is Howdy Doody Howley's 'Murrican Flag Pin?

Brother Billy Long usually remembers to wear his!

Anonymous said...

Leftists... you people are so unhappy.