Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Probable cause: Barton County jailer had sex with two prisoners, traded cell phone privileges for sex

Bond has been set at $10,000 for a Barton County jailer 's who allegedly had sex with two female prisoners.

Antonio Azua, 34, Lamar, allegedly set up one prisoner with a cell phone and a charger in exchange for sex and also had sexual intercourse with another prisoner on two occasions, according to the probable cause statement filed today in Barton County Circuit Court.

Azua has worked for the Barton County Sheriff's office as a full-time jailer since July 29.

The allegations against Azua came to light when a search for contraband in the women's portion of the Barton County Jail turned up a phone in the cell of a 37-year-old woman awaiting trial on a burglary charge.

From the probable cause statement:

(T)wo of the females after the search and the location of the phone had made statements against jailer Tony Azua. (I) was advised that those statements were in reference to sexual incidents that took place. 
(I) conducted interviews with both victims. During the interview with (the first one) she advised that Azua had used his fingers and digitally penetrated her vaginal and anal area. 
She advised that this occurred more than one time and that she allowed it to happen due to him giving her extra privileges. 
One of the privileges (she) talked about was that of being able to have a cell phone downstairs so they could keep in touch with him. She advised that the phone had gone dead and Azua obtained a charger so they could charge the phone and stay in communication with him
(I) then conducted an interview with (the other prisoner) who advised that Azua had taken her downstairs to shower and that in the process the two began to talk. I was advised by (her) that Azua and she were sexually involved (and) that he penetrated her with his penis on two occasions.

Though the charges are not listed on Barton County Circuit Court online records, the probable cause statement indicates two felony counts of sexual contact with a prisoner by a jail employee and a felony count of delivery or possession of an item at a county jail that a prisoner is prohibited from receiving were recommended.

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