Saturday, May 04, 2019

Driver who killed Joplin child, Neosho man in Joplin Jail on DWI charge

Edward Meerwald is sitting in the Joplin City Jail, being held without bond, charged with driving while intoxicated and driving while suspended, according to Shannon Becker at Joplin News First.

Meerwald, 63, Noel, was the driver who struck and killed Jessica Mann, 8, Joplin, and her grandfather, Jim Dodson, 69, Neosho, July 30 2004, was convicted on two counts of involuntary manslaughter and spent time in prison.

The latest drunk driving arrest occurs while Meerwald is out on bond awaiting trial on another drunk driving charge.

The Highway Patrol arrested Meerwald June 17 in McDonald County for speeding, His blood alcohol registered more than twice the legal limit.

Meerwald was freed after Judge Kevin Selby reduced his bond from $5,000 cash only to a $15,000 surety bond.


Anonymous said...

The last two DWI's should not have happened. He should have been serving at least 20 years for killing those two people.
But across the state line, there was another DUI double fatality, and that person just barely started serving 4 years for taking the lives of two men.
The system is broken.

Anonymous said...

This guy needs to disappear!

Anonymous said...

The judge that let him out early should be locked up. What was the reasoning behind letting him out early? He killed 2 innocent people

Randy said...

To Anonymous 6;18: Meerwald served time for involuntary manslaughter for those deaths. It was not a judge who released him on those charges.