Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Alleged Cooper accomplice asks for loosening of restrictions

Omega Paulite, the Seattle woman who allegedly was an accomplice of former Rep. Nathan Cooper, R-Cape Girardeau, in his immigration fraud scheme, is asking a federal judge to loosen the restrictions on her travel and credit card accounts.
According to documents filed Tuesday in U. S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri, Ms. Paulite says the terms of her bond are "overly restrictive and should be modified."
She is limited to traveling in Washington and the eastern district of Missouri, according to the terms, and has electronic monitoring. As noted in earlier Turner Report posts, Ms. Paulite, who at one time was considered eligible for federal public defender services, suddenly has one of the most powerful law firms in the nation, St Louis-based Bryan Cave in her corner. Its attorneys point out that Ms. Paulite is a naturalized citizen and has lived in the United States since 1977 and has "no criminal history."

She needs to be able to conduct her businesses, the documents said, adding that none of them have anything to do with immigration documents, the source of the criminal charges against her.

Among those business enterprises:

-Sunrise Enterprises LLC- "involves finding corporate clients in the United States for a call center in the Phillipines which engages in customer service, outsourcing, telemarketing, product development, data mining, performance management and values alignment."

-Work and Travel Abroad, Inc.- "Secures job placements for over 500 college exchange students"

Ms. Paulite would also like to finish turning over another business, HRM Management Services "over to partners," according to the court documents.

Cooper pleaded guilty and will be sentenced in October.


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