Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Jeff City, where everybody (except the governor) knows speaker-in-waiting's name

Rep. Ron Richard, the newly named speaker-designate of the Missouri House of Representatives, is rapidly ascending the power ladder in Jefferson City, but despite his prominence, one top official still does not know his name.
Gov. Matt Blunt issued the following statement congratulating Richard and others named to GOP leadership posts:

"I congratulate Sen. Jack Goodman, Sen. Luann Ridgeway, Rep. Bryan Pratt and Rep. Steven Tilley on their new leadership positions in their respective chambers. I also congratulate Rep. Ron Richards and wish him well in his leadership role."

The name is Richard, Mat.


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JMo said...

Seems like quite a bit to write about for that slight error.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah ... Richards instead of Richard. Horrendous. Shameful.

Please. Aren't there more important things.