Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ashcroft refuses to let reporters use "devices of democracy"

Freedom-loving John Ashcroft, the former U. S. attorney general and governor of Missouri, told an audience at Missouri State University Wednesday night that terrorists are using "the devices of a democracy" against us.
Of course, as I have noted in earlier posts, Ashcroft had it written into his contract that reporters could not use devices of democracy to record his allegedly important message.
Apparently, Ashcroft has no more regard for personal freedoms now than he had during his tenure as attorney general.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Randy,

On May 20, 2007, you wrote:

“Missouri's former U. S. Senator John Ashcroft was vilified by the liberal segment of the media for what was termed as his support for infringements on Americans' civil liberties during his tenure as U. S. attorney general, but an article in today's Washington Post indicates Ashcroft received a bum rap.”

I am glad to see you have ditched that trendy take on Ashcroft and returned to the simplistic cartoon version of Ashcroft favored “by the liberal segment of the media.”

Sheila said...

Maybe it was more of an economic decision. Perhaps he wanted to make sure there would be audiences for his future speeches and didn't want to reveal too much of his material. Of course, coming from the man who is offended by unclothed statues, maybe it's not.

Anonymous said...

Randy, I'm disappointed that you seem to think John Ashcroft has no right to exercise his personal freedoms.

No personal freedoms of the media members was infringed upon by this situation. However, you seem to endorse infringing on Ashcroft's.