Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Remembering those who served in Vietnam

Michelle Brooks at the Jefferson City News-Tribune has an article in today's edition concerning a tribute to Missouri's Vietnam veterans:

Patriotism always has been a priority in the Buffington family.

So when the brothers, Don and James, both were drafted into the Vietnam War, they were supported. And they were welcomed home.

Such was not the case for many of the 2.6 million Americans, both volunteers and draftees, who served in that theater between 1965-1973, said Rep. Joe Smith.

But Missouri finally has chosen to say thank you to that generation of military service with the Vietnam War Medallion Program, created by HB 978, which Smith sponsored.

It is wonderful that this country has finally reached the stage where those who served valiantly in Vietnam can be given the credit they so richly deserve.

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