Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Positive reviews coming in for The Turner Report

Two Missouri bloggers have written reviews for The Turner Report. You can read the review from Ozarks Politics at this link and Simple Thoughts of a Complex Mind's review can be found here.

Among the observations from Ozarks Politics:

Turner pulls back the curtain to expose the behind-the-scenes machinations in some of the major stories in southwest Missouri of the past 20 years. From the Nancy Cruzan case to a small town incident involving a couple of rouge cops, Turner discusses his perspective in covering these stories. However, our personal favorites are, of course, those stories from the political beat. Turner lays open the Roy Blunt - Bill Webster feud that stemmed from the 1992 GOP gubernatorial primary (the last time a Blunt lost a race) and still splits the Republicans today. Turner also digs into the Blunt family's cozy relationship with lobbyists.

And from Simple Thoughts of a Complex Mind:

Turner inter-disperses humor, often self deprecating, in between the facts. He remains professional while not taking himself too seriously. This balance is difficult to achieve.

What I disliked in this book:

At times, Randy Turner overwhelms the reader with details. It reminded me of J.R.R.Tolkien's over describing the trees in the Fellowship of the Ring. All of it was good information but I found myself skimming some of the specific details that did not add to the big picture of the story.

Overall Grade for the Book: A-

If you have an interest in or are considering a career in journalism, then The Turner Report is a must read for you. Definitely read this book if you have an interest in the recent history of Southwest Missouri. In general, I recommend that you check out the spectacular new book, The Turner Report.

I appreciate the input of my fellow bloggers, and I promise Turner Report readers (the blog, not the book this time) if the bad reviews come, I will post them as well.

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