Tuesday, September 11, 2007

KY3: Ashcroft won't allow cameras at Springfield speech

Former Attorney General John Ashcroft will not allow cameras at his speech Wednesday night at Missouri State University, according to Dave Catanese at the KY3 Political Blog:

The event is free, and open to the public. It is open to print media, but not television or radio.

According to Dr. Olen Greer, a professor in the School of Accountancy who is helping host the event, Ashcroft specifically requested that no videocameras or recording equipment be allowed into his speech.

"Pencil press is fine," Dr. Greer said. "The public is invited to ask questions, but press may not," he said.

"John said it would be ok for the pencil press to report the event, but not participate in it--they may not ask any questions," according to a note written by Emily Broeman, Ashcroft's manager for speaking engagements.

Dr. Greer said he was hoping broadcast media would cover the event. "I'd like you to cover it, what we were hoping for is an opportunity to publicize this conference we are having. But these are the rules agreed to in our contract with Mr. Ashcroft," Greer explained.

I am amazed (but somehow not surprised) that event organizers have the nerve to beg for coverage of the event when they are telling the broadcast media it cannot do what it needs to do in order to provide adequate coverage of it.

As for Ashcroft not answering questions from the media- he never did. I had the opportunity to interview him several times and cannot ever remember him answering a straight question. If his point of the day was "We must stay the course and reduce taxes," and I asked him, "What are we going to do about increased crime in Missouri?" he would answer "We must stay the course and reduce taxes."

My suggestion to the broadcast media would be to ignore Ashcroft and report on news that actually means something to your viewers.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone should ignore his "coming" to Springfield, but they will be lined up puckered to kiss where it does the most good. Personally, anyone that supported the Bush administration as he did, I could care less what he says or what he thinks about anything. The religious followers will be there and praying with him and for him.
His next stop will probably be College of the Ozarks. They will love him!