Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Thanks to library officials, readers

A big thank you to Jacque Gage and the people at the Mary K. Finley Library in Lamar for making my first official signing for The Turner Report a success Monday.
It was especially enjoyable to see many of my former co-workers at the Lamar Democrat and Lamar Press. The first people to greet me after I set up last night were Lou Nell Bath, the editor who hired me to be sports editor at the Democrat in May 1978. Dorothy Parks, the typesetter/proofreader at the newspaper at the time, was also there, and I was able to relive old memories with them.

The Lamar Press was represented by two of the stable of columnists that made that newspaper so enjoyable during its brief existence: Nancy Hughes, who had columns in each of the newspaper's 49 issues, and Katie Young. I will have more information over the next few weeks about Nancy's new book, a guide for helping widows deal with the loss of their husbands.

Thanks again to everyone who came to the signing.

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I am going to nominate your blog for a Blog of the Day Award.