Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Jetton: GOP likely to lose House seats in 2008

Speaker of the House Rod Jetton told Missourinet Republicans will maintain their House majority next year, but it will not be the 90-70 advantage they now enjoy:

He says it is likely that Republicans will lose three to four House seats in 2008. The map doesn't favor Republicans, who have to defend more vulnerable seats than Democrats in 2008. Also, national trends don't help.

Jetton insists Republicans remain strong in Missouri, but concedes the low public opinion poll numbers for President Bush dog Republicans and drag down their numbers. One factor could change that, according to Jetton, who says that Hillary Clinton carries such negatives in Missouri that if Democrats nominate her as their presidential candidate, Republicans could pick up some undecided voters. He says the only national candidate who worries him is John Edwards, the former vice presidential candidate, who he says would do very well in Missouri and help Democrats down ballot.

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