Monday, September 10, 2007

Former KODE sports anchor recovering from hip replacement surgery

Former KODE sports anchor Russ Riesenger, now the primary anchor at WSAV News 3 in Savannah, Ga, was expected to return to work today though he underwent full hip replacement surgery last week:

Riesinger hopes to return to anchoring News 3 at 6 on Monday, September 10—less than a week after undergoing the procedure on his left hip. “While the job of a news anchor can be stressful at times; fortunately it’s not very strenuous, so I should be able to return to writing and reading the news very quickly,” said Riesinger. “It will be a while before I am 100 percent, but I’m already feeling pretty good and in a whole lot less pain than I was.”

Riesinger, 45, first began experiencing hip pain after falling from a television satellite truck while covering a hurricane on North Carolina’s coast in 1998. Doctors aren’t sure if the problem was the result of the fall or perhaps a congenital deformity where his hips did not line up correctly, prematurely wearing away the cartilage and causing painful bone on bone arthritis.

Riesinger had his right hip replaced in August of 2003 just months before taking the job as WSAV’s 6 & 11pm News Anchor alongside Tina Tyus-Shaw. He recovered fully and returned to nearly all the activities he enjoys including playing baseball in the Savannah Adult Baseball League; however, pain in the left hip had become
so severe recently that Riesinger could barely sleep or even pull on his own sock.

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Anonymous said...

Return to work in a week after total hip relacement, dang somebody needs to tell Joplin surgeons to go to Ga. to learn their tech., having had one myself I as all patients were'nt allowed to even ride in a car, except to dr. appoint 2 wks after surgery, I don't think he had total... ozrak