Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Britney Spears tops 9-11 anniversary, Iraq in Globe editors' estimation

Only one non-local story is featured on page one of today's Joplin Globe and it is not General David Petraeus' assessment of the situation in Iraq.
While a photo of Petraeus and a tease for coverage on page 8A is featured at the top of page one, Globe editors apparently felt the only non-local story worthy of being on page one was coverage of "Bulging Britney" Spears and her non-performance at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards.
It should be noted that while page one includes this timeless bit of prose- "But what about the nastiest comments of all-those about her body? 'Lard and clear,' read Monday's headline in the New York Post."

Did anyone tell Globe editors today is the sixth anniversary of 9-11. While Britney Spears was afforded more than 15 column inches, the anniversary of the most horrific terror attack in United States history is not even mentioned on page one.


Anonymous said...

I called the Globe and got Scott someone, he said he was very sorry. He also said I was not the only caller and he made sure to tell me it was not his idea it was the editor, I told him the editor should look for other work. He laughed and said he would pass that along. I was serious though, that was a very unAmerican thing to do. Is the editor really that out of touch? I hope not.

Anonymous said...

Are we not over the whole 9-11 thing yet? It's been drumbeat repeatedly in every Bush speech such that it's lost all impact, context and meaning. A few more terrorist attacks and you'll be begging for Britney's fat rolls on Page 1A.