Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fort Smith city director asks for investigation of former Joplin police chief

A member of Fort Smith's City Council is asking for an investigation of Police Chief Kevin Lindsey and is requesting that Lindsey be placed on leave.
An article in today's Arkansas Democrat Gazette features excepts from a letter from City Director Cole Goodman, who said Lindsey was "mishandling" an internal investigation of two officers who are on leave:

Reed said Friday he hasn't take action against Lindsey and didn't anticipate any in the near future. The city directors should wait for the investigation's conclusion before considering Lindsey's performance, he said.

Jeff Barrows and Capt. Steve Howard were placed on administrative leave Aug. 23 pending an investigation by the department's Office of Professional Standards. The office investigates whether officers violated department rules.

Lindsey said last month the two men were being investigated for major violations. He would not specify the allegations against them.

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