Saturday, September 15, 2007

Eight Democrats top Turner Report Hall of Shame

Eight Democrats, including one who has only been with the party a brief time, top the Turner Report Hall of Shame list for receiving the most gifts from lobbyists.
In fact, only one Republican currently serving in the Senate, Luann Ridgeway of Smithville, made the top 10, at number seven. The other Republican on the list, Chuck Gross of St. Charles, resigned his seat to take a post with the St. Charles County Commission.

Two months ago, when I last posted the Hall of Shame, Chris Koster's name was not even on the list.
Koster, D-Harrisonville, who was a Republican at that time, has made up for lost time, jumping all the way to fifth place on the list, having received $2,024.48 in gifts during the first seven months of 2007.
Still topping the list, as he has all year, is Tim Green, D-Florissant, far outpacing his colleagues with $3,486.70.
Jumping from fifth to second place with $2,217.44 is perennial contender Chuck Graham, D-Columbia, with Sen. Maida Coleman, D-St. Louis hanging on to third place at $2,065.94.
The top Republican on the list is no longer in the Senate. Chuck Gross, R-St. Charles, who left the Senate to take a position with the St Charles County Commission, took fourth place with $2,046.06.

Rounding out the top 10 were:

6. Ryan McKenna, D-Festus, $1,884.46; 7. Luann Ridgeway, R-Smithville, $1,830: 8. Wes Shoemyer, D-Clarence; 9. Jeff Smith, D-St. Louis; 10. Rita Days, D-St. Louis.
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Anonymous said...

They've earned it.

Anonymous said...

What would you expect? Most democrats are dirty, where's the news here?

Anonymous said...

Most republicans can be considered dirty as well but if you were honest, anonymous 2, you would admit it but that's probably too much to expect, right?

Anonymous said...

Oh come on!!! Please, I would not let ANY politician stay alone in a room with my purse. They ALL stink in one way or another. With special interests running the country why don't we just cut out the middle man and deal with the lobbyist? It can't get any worse and it might just cost less.

Anonymous said...

These last two just run away from the facts, the record is clear the Democrats are the ones in bed with the lobbyists this post proves it. The truth hurts doesn't it!