Tuesday, August 11, 2015

McCaskill book offers reminder of my biggest hit song

The release this week of Sen Claire McCaskill's book Plenty Ladylike revisits her 2012 campaign for U. S. Senate, in which she and her campaign team attacked Congressman Todd Akin, which enabled him to overcome businessman John Brunner and win the Republican nomination.

It was still an uphill battle for Claire McCaskill until Akin made his remarks about women and "legitimate rape."

So I suppose I should thank Sen. McCaskill for finding a way to get Akin into the general election. If not, I never would have been able to write my biggest hit song Akin Breakin' Heart, which climbed all the way up to number 41,701, if memory serves correctly on the Amazon download charts.

In this song, the only one that has ever included the phrase- "You can tell Louise, padlock her BVDs," I provide the vocals backed by the Rick Murray Quartet. The photo of Todd Akin was taken at the 2012 Lincoln Ladies Ice Cream Social in Carthage.

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