Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Brunner releases new video: I'm in it for Missouri

(From the John Brunner campaign)

John Brunner today released a new web video, For Citizens, communicating a series of important issues for the citizens of Missouri in anticipation of his imminent announcement as a candidate for Missouri Governor.

“I’m a Manufacturer, Marine, missionary, and a Missourian. I’m not a career politician looking for a promotion, and I’m certainly not an opportunist looking to launch a political career. Missourians are ‘fed-up’ with campaign promises. I am back in the fight because I intend to be a citizen-Governor, a ‘go-to’ person, to do what is right for people of Missouri – not for a political career,” Brunner said. "I will continue using every opportunity to connect with Missourians in every county throughout our great state – proclaiming it’s time for ‘We the People’ to reclaim our basic freedoms. I’m not looking for a job, I’m here to do the job as Missouri's next Governor."

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