Friday, August 14, 2015

Charlie Kuehn: Mike Woolston is an honest man

On Tuesday, we will find out what the Missouri State Auditor has to say about the dealings of City Councilman Mike Woolston with Joplin developer Charlie Kuehn and former master developer Wallace-Bajjali.

In this April 2, 2014, video, Kuehn rips into the Loraine Report, stands up for Woolston, using the same old line that as long as Woolston did not vote on the issues when they came before the council, Woolston was following the law and was being ethical.

Kuehn also notes (and remember that this is several months before Wallace-Bajjali fled Joplin in the dead of night), that there could not be anything wrong because Wallace-Bajjali was going to buy back all of the property from the Joplin Redevelopment Corporation.

I wonder how that worked out.

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Anonymous said...

Woolston is an honest man, just ask him.