Friday, August 21, 2015

Update: Bomb threats cause lockdown at McDonald County schools

A bomb threat has caused lockdowns at McDonald County's high school and middle school this morning.

As reported earlier, Highway Patrol and McDonald County law enforcement officers are at the buildings.


Anonymous said...

Randy... there was no bomb threat. We have students spreading rumors that there was a bomb threat and a shooter in the school. Neither is true. There was a guy in Anderson that had a gun and said he was walking to the school. He was turned in and we put the school on lockdown. The school has been surrounded by police, deputies, and highway patrol. I would say that the school is the safest place in the county.

Anonymous said...

They have caught the guy, students are back in class (the ones left at the school), and the lockdown is over.

Anonymous said...

I am an employee in the McDonald County School District and I can confirm the Anonymous comment at 7:42. There was NO bomb threat. A young man in the area was said to have a gun of some sort, and according to what I've read, he made statements on his Facebook page last night that were concerning to friends and family. He was apprehended and he and his brother were taken into custody.