Thursday, August 06, 2015

Winners and losers in tonight's debate

It is far too early to make any predictions about who will be on the Republican presidential ticket in November 2016, but barring any unforeseen scandal (and I'm not talking about the New York Times and its revelations on traffic violations), Marco Rubio is looking like a strong bet to be either the presidential or vice presidential candidate.

Rubio did not have many chances to shine in a two-hour debate split among 10 candidates, but his answers were solid throughout and he ended with a strong closing statement in which he used his own background as a metaphor for the American dream.

It was the type of soaring rhetoric that few of the candidates were able to muster tonight and Rubio has to be ranked as one of the winners in tonight's debate.


Mike Huckabee- The Fox questioners seemed determined to pigeonhole Huckabee as someone whose only interest was in social issues. While the former Arkansas governor did solidify his position as the favorite of conservatives whose major interest is the so-called social issues, he did branch out on issues like defense and the economy. He also was able to evoke a sense of passion about his beliefs that some of the other candidates were never able to do. Huckabee's statement on the treaty with Iran was powerful.

Rand Paul- Despite what I just heard from Charles Krauthammer on Fox News, Chris Christie did not get the best of his exchange with Rand Paul on the NSA's massive collection of records. Paul came out a serious defender of personal freedom. In his closing statement, Paul described himself as a "different kind of Republican," a statement that is definitely true. That will likely prevent him from receiving the nomination, but he appears to have the ability to make deeper in-roads in the race than his father ever did.

John Kasich- Considering that the debate was held in his state, Ohio Gov. John Kasich probably received less attention than any of the candidates, but he made the most of his moments. George W> Bush proclaimed himself as a compassionate conservative. Kasich appears to really be one. Kasich also has a background of success in his state, something that neither Chris Christie nor Scott Walker can claim.

Ben Carson- It would be a major upset if Dr. Carson gets anywhere in this race and he started slowly tonight, but his last few statements, especially his closing statement made an impact.


Ted Cruz- He simply did not stand out, but he did himself no harm.

Jeb Bush- He did much better on the question about his family than he had before, but otherwise he was bland.


Chris Christie- His first statement connecting himself with 9-11 was perfectly fitting and effective. His subsequent mentions seemed more designed to wrap himself in that event. It did not work for Rudy Guliani or George Pataki and it will not work for Chris Christie.

Scott Walker- Two candidates appeared out of their league at the beginning of the event- Ben Carson and Scott Walker. Ben Carson recovered; Scott Walker never did. If he had a strong record of accomplishment or an inspiring back story, it might make a difference, but Walker has neither.

Donald Trump- In my earlier assessment of what might happen in the debate, I gave Donald Trump far too much credit. His comments on women and his bankruptcies were revealing. So far, he has said nothing positive about anything or anyone other than himself. I don't know if he will fall in the polls, but I would be surprised if his numbers go up any. It's all fine and good to be fed up with the system, but Trump is not the avenue to take if you want change.

Fox News- The questions were long, convoluted and many times took us away from the issues. It was the same gotcha journalism that Fox has always accused its rivals of practicing.

Readers, how do you think the debate went. Tell me your winners and losers.


Anonymous said...

Rand a winner? Trump a loser? And Jeb didn't hurt himself? Were we watching the same debate? Rand came off jittery and seemed as if he was only there to throw tomatoes at the other candidates. Not a single statement of his made me think "wow, he would make a good leader!" Trump was Trump so I don't think his poll ratings are going to sink anytime soon. I think everyone is blowing is women comments wayyyy out of portion ( and I am a woman! And I feel that way) here is why: I wonder what comments on women were going through Bill Clintons head, while he was getting h**d from the lady in blue...yet Bill made our country a thriving nation in his years in office and he cheated on is woman! Cheating is much worse than name calling, don't you agree? I am sure you are guilty of either calling a women fat in your life at least once or maybe cheating even that one time years ago;) and as for Mister Jeb Bush it was painful to watch, like a bad Frankenstein movie; a mash up of his father and brother stuffed into a gray suit and Len Crafter frames. It felt like 2001 all over again. Losers tonight: Walker and Rand. Winners: Trump and Rubio and that women from The 5 o clock debate, but she won't get enough votes no matter how many debates she wins, she isn't who we need right now, that is why her performance tonight for me was just....okay, because she is just an after thought. The country is too messed up for her. She is quick witted, but so is Obama... The United States has had presidents that were actors, war heros, pretty boys and good ole southern gents! BUT we have yet to have a businessman in office. I don't care if the president likes gays, I don't care how many babies he kisses on the campaign trail, nor do I care how white his teeth or how tan is face is. Most of us are living below the poverty line. I want a president that can make us money, get us all out of debt. It's funny how if the whole country is making money the BIG issues don't seem as big anymore. I think the choice is clear.

Anonymous said...

Leslie Knope for President?

Anonymous said...

I think the choice is clear.

R to go backward, D to go forward.

Works the same when voting as when driving!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure CJ was the loser...somehow.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:30
What a well versed response. I like how you added the D & R into your lengthy discussion on politics. So deep yet informative. You missed your calling unless, you actually do work for NBC or CBS? After such a bold statement, I'm NOW changing my entire political views! You proved to me JUST how smart you Libs are & well informed! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Actually I wrote the first lengthy comment but not the D and R comment. Just wanted to clarify that. And no I don't work for any news channel, but I did have a FM morning radio show for6 years but we didn't talk politics��

Anonymous said...


>>>I'm NOW changing my entire political views!<<<

Always glad to make a difference!

I got my smarts listening to Libs like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck!

Feminazis, Whitewater, Benghazi, democRATs, the democRAT party, Dingy Harry, Dominican Republic Viagra, Sandra Fluke. Know what I mean?

Anonymous said...

Hey sir or madam, I was clearly just poking fun of the comment & how, not to be crude, was poorly written & really didn't make sense, in my opinion. In full disclosure, I felt your comment, the 1st one made, was very well expressed. I will admit,I agree with 99% of what you stated. I truly didn't see Trump as a looser by any means. I think you said "Trump was Trump?" No surprises from him, I didn't think. My Bad if my "Lib" comment offended you. No harm intended. Oh, in a side note. I'm jealous you were able to have a FM radio show! My Uncle was a DJ & talk show host for 20 odd years in the West coast & loved every minute of it! Just not the pay. LOL! Since a teen, I've always wanted to do radio but never had the chance.

Anonymous said...

@1:13 lol. I realized after I read your first comment it wasn't directed at me! But I already posted the 2nd comment. I guess my reading skills aren't ask good as I thought! Yes beginning on radio was amazing had over 20,000 listeners. And I was only 21! I am 32 now and stepped down from show a few years ago because I moved about an hour and a half away. I tried to drive it for two years but winters got too bad to drive at 3 am. I was barely making it there for start of show at 6am! Yes the pay is terrible, but there is nothing like a being famous in a smal town, as the song goes! I am also wrote 90% of their commercials and trying to get back into writing now, but just not feeling it yet. And on a side note I am makes me sound old!

Anonymous said...

@ 3:41
How about ma'am? Does that sound a little better? LOL! I can't apologize for the "ma'am or madam." It was how I was raised in yes, a republican home. Not to mention my many years in law enforcement. Since you brought it up, and I mean no disrespect.I was amazed with the number of times, on a traffic stop, after I approached the vehicle & made contact with a female driver, I would 99.9 % of the time is "ma'am or madam" in my opening comment. As in " Good evening ma'am,my name is Officer _____ & do you know why I've pulled you over this evening?" I would say a good 80% of them, from mid-20's to late 70's, had a negative comment about the use of "ma'am!" My parents always taught me to show respect to all women by saying " yes ma'am or no ma'am" etc.... Not to mention in all my training as well. It would always just floor-me how they would take offense by me showing them respect! I'm sorry Randy for taking up your space. I truly meant NO disrespect to you or your reader's.

Anonymous said...

All I can do is check to the power,yet again, to your response. Wow! I tried to hold my tongue but, as your reading, clearly I can not. I won't continue my negative behavior by attacking your ummm.... "points of discussion?" It was fun but I've wasted way to much space on such few words. May the best man or woman,for OUR Country, rise tall & be a strong leader. No matter Lib or Republican. May God bless this Nation! Take care.

Anonymous said...

@ 3:41
Hey, I know this is NOT the proper forum for my upcoming statements. I waited to Post until the topic has died down a little. I'm not sure if Randy will approve what I'm about to Post but, it's worth a shot. I would really like to hear more about your time in radio. If by chance Randy approves this & you don't find this offense, I would like to pick your brain sometime. Again, I know this is NOT the place to post a comment or this nature but I hope I didn't upset Randy or ANY of his readers. Enough said & thanks in advance of this makes it on.