Sunday, February 07, 2016

C. J. Huff to lecture on "creating a positive workplace"

During his last four years as superintendent of the Joplin R-8 School District. C. J. Huff was the chief reason that more than half of the district's faculty left, with an average of more than 100 per year leaving.

Naturally, that makes Huff an expert in how to create a positive workplace.

Huff, billed as "Dr. C. J. Huff, EdD, Washington Speakers Bureau, Retired Superintendent, Joplin School District, will offer two courses on that topic during the annual conference of the National Association of Educational Office Professionals, scheduled for July 13-16 in St. Louis.

The course is described in this fashion:

SMILE! THE EDUCATIONAL OFFICE PROFESSIONAL’S ROLE IN CREATING A POSITIVE WORKPLACE -  In this session, educational office professionals will gain insight into their value in establishing and supporting a positive work environment. In addition to recent research on the topic of workplace climate, participants will be given an opportunity to share practical strategies to improve the quality of the office.

Huff will also conduct two courses based on his "heroism" following the Joplin Tornado:

THE 3 R’S OF CRISIS….READINESS, RESPONSE, RECOVERY - Dr. C. J. Huff, EdD, Washington Speakers Bureau, Retired Superintendent, Joplin School District In this session, educational office professionals will learn about their critical role in dealing with crisis situations and how they can help their organizations prepare for the unthinkable. Participants will leave this session with an understanding of the crisis cycle and practical tips and lessons learned that can be applied before, during, and after crisis situations.


Anonymous said...

Remember when he mandated everyone smile?
What a bully!

Unknown said...

Why are you still "trolling" C. J.? His time in the Joplin School District has passed.

Anonymous said...

I just farted in support of C.J. Huff!~

Ben Field said...

@Susan Kozak

The definition of trolling is to post inflammatory or inappropriate remarks or comments meant to anger or incite another person. Turner has only posted public information. Huff is collecting taxpayer dollars from Joplin citizens to this day and is doing absolutely nothing to earn that compensation. In my opinion, Huff is the troll, he exhibited that in his brave confrontation with Martucci and Fort. Expect rebuttal if you come to this blog defending Huff and chastising the post that informs readers. Get your news from the Globe, as they fart rainbows and unicorns in support of certain individuals.

Anonymous said...

Here is a blast from the past. It was posted at the Turner Report post titled Angie Besendorfer and the Massacre at McKinley Elementary.

Click here to see the comment and then scroll up to see the post.

Susan Kozak said...

Why isn't anyone posting their names? If you believe what you are writing ...USE YOUR NAME...
Anonymous means nothing.

Herb Kozak
7:51 AM

Anonymous said...

Susan/Herb Kozak,
Anonymous is how you stay protected because Huff & Co. like to DESTROY people.