Friday, February 05, 2016

Empire District Electric CEO dodges questions on possible sale

Empire District Electric Company CEO Brad Beecher dodged questions on a possible sale of the company during the quarterly earnings call this morning.

Asked if there was to be a transaction or no transaction, Beecher answered, "I appreciate the fact that you have to ask, but I have no update on that topic today."

Another questioner asked how the possible sale, referred to by Empire District officials as "exploring strategic alternatives," had come about, Beecher said he would have to give the same answer he gave to the earlier question.

(Transcript information is provided by Seeking Alpha.)


Anonymous said...

Point of clarification: They were analysts (from brokerages, investment banks, mutual funds etc...) not reporters.

Randy said...

I did not realize I had written that. Thanks for pointing it out. I have made the correction.