Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Hartzler: Failed veto override effort shows path to eliminating Obamacare

(From Fourth District Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler)

Representative Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo.) released the following statement in regards to the House vote to override the President’s veto of the Restoring Americans’ Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act of 2015:

“Today we stood up for the American people by voting to override his veto. While we didn’t reach the two-thirds vote necessary, all is not lost. We have shown there is a clear path to repealing this broken law through reconciliation. There is a path to an affordable healthcare system the people want and deserve. We will continue to work towards patient-centered reform and I am hopeful we can send a repeal bill next year to a president who listens to the people and will sign this into law. The American people deserve more.

Obamacare is hurting Americans. It is causing families to lose coverage they want and forcing them to buy coverage they don’t want and can’t afford. It has increased the costs of healthcare and caused people to lose jobs or have their hours cut. The President is not listening to these hurting families, and, sadly, he has again blocked our efforts to bring them relief. We can do better.”


Anonymous said...

The entire program is not broken. Why don't you do your job and make the necessary improvements? If you did end Obama care, then what? Back to the good old days of "only" 15% premium increases to keep paying for those that can't afford insurance? And while you're at it, why don't you allow our government to negotiate better prescription drug deals or let us buy directly from Canada? How come you want a world economy for everything but medicine and Congress/CEO pay?

Anonymous said...

I really wonder about the people that vote for "representatives" like this. Hatzler could give a *** if you have health insurance, but she will stick out her hand and take her 6 figure paycheck and the health insurance the taxpayers of this state pay for, in addition to the high 6 figure subsidies annually her family farm has received over the years.

Surely she isn't this dumb - the ACA has been successful, not only in the number of people now insured, but health care costs have come down for the first time in 60 years - and the seniors in this country have been able to put over a billion dollars in their pocket the last 5 years instead of using it to pay inflated drug costs.

Does anyone out there that voted for this woman realize these facts: if the state of MO would have expanded Medicaid, 800 people a year in this state would not have died that did - were one of those your family member or your child? If MO would have expanded Medicaid and set up a state exchange for the ACA, in the first year over $1.2 billion would have been pumped into the state's economy, in addition to adding a minimum of 25,000 jobs in this state? Do I need to go on, because the list is a long one.

The Republican Party has absolutely nothing to replace the ACA with. NOTHING. and the thing is - they don't care. Hartzler is on the record as a big supporter of Israel - and the US gives Israel billions in aid a year, Israel has some of the best health care in the world, and Israel has the most open and relaxed abortion practices anywhere in the world. Basically, in Israel is you want an abortion you can have one at any time and the state will pay for it. YOUR tax dollars go to fund all of that and the Republican's want to give Israel more - yet have no qualms about stopping any and all rights any woman in this country might try to exercise over her own body.

Watch out, people. Southern MO is the poorest section of the state, and MO is no where near the top of the list when the states are considered as a whole. What you do have in Southern MO you can thank a Democrat for, not a Republican.

What are you going to do when the Democrat's stop getting rural MO and any of the rural areas in this country anything? What are you going to do then? What? They cut your food stamps, your heating assistance, WIC, money to your schools. They cut your rural economic lending programs, they take away your right to vote, and they take away more, much more - all the while taking their corporate kick backs nad voting again and again for tax breaks for the wealthy - and you are not the wealthy.

The time is fast approaching when the Democratic Party is going to stop doing one damn thing for rural America, because rural areas are known to be low info, low IQ, and are notorious for voting against their own best interests. The time is fast approaching when Dem's focus their energy on the city and urban voter who vote for them - they are not going to waste time and effort on anyone that doesn't.

It's too bad most of the people in southern MO are so low info they don't have a clue - this woman doesn't give a shit about any of you and she makes it clear every time she opens her mouth. No one so intent on spouting party line cares about you - and you have to ask yourself why you elect puppets like this that are so intent on following the party line and throwing you and what you and your neighbor need under the bus.

Anonymous said...

Thank you 8:10 for a valid assessment of the political ignorance of the people of rural Missouri. I am at a total loss as to the reason these folks continue to vote against their own interests. I think if I had to choose three reasons for it, they would be 1) misconception, 2) pride and 3) fear. First of all, they do not realize just how dirt poor most of them really are. Secondly, their pride will not allow them to accept the help that the government actually has offered to them. And lastly, they live in fear whipped up by the Republicans without any basis in fact. They have not grasped that the Republicans have not done one damned thing for them in the last twenty years except lie them into war and spend them blind. I am so tired of the lies, not the least of which is the government is going to take your guns away, forty years worth of case law on abortion can be overturned, the ACA can be overturned and (best of all) there is an ISIS terrorist hiding under your bed just waiting to do you in. The real problem is, the Republicans have bluffed the Democrats in Missouri into believing that only a Republican can be elected in Missouri. It really is discouraging when you see a ballot that does not have a single Democratic challenger running for office for the majority of state and county offices.

Anonymous said...

>>They have not grasped that the Republicans have not done one damned thing for them in the last twenty years except lie them into war and spend them blind.<<

They made them feel good about themselves. They have given their voters confidence that 'Murrica is great and can kick ass wherever and whenever!

Just like the bartender who talks you into buying another drink or two before you drive home, modern republicans are serving just what their voters want.

Anonymous said...

Amen to all who have commented prior to me! You all have said what my husband and I have said so many times, "How can these people vote against their own best interest?"...time and time again. It's just amazing. If the name on the ballot doesn't have an "R" after it, the majority of voters in SW Mo automatically won't vote for that person.

The sad thing is the Republican Party has become so radical that there aren't even somewhat moderate Republicans to vote for. Instead we get the crazy far right candidates who win just because they are on the Republican Ticket, when in fact they should be on a ticket labeled "Far right fringe party".

How to solve this? It didn't happen overnight. One thing that I've noticed is when looking at past bills introduced and passed in our state legislative body, most of the people who have introduced and passed those bills are no longer there....thanks to "term limits"...the radical, ultra right Republicans in Jeff City pass crazy laws and then are long gone when the chickens come home to roost. There is no thought given to the long term consequences. My thoughts are we need to work at doing away with term limits as a start. Second, we need a Democrat Party that will be more vocal and will work to educate the general population as to what is going on in Jeff City and Washington. Most folks don't have a clue, particularly in SW Mo. The Turner Report is one of the few places that provides a balance platform for discussion and keeps us informed. We need to make our voices louder and the message needs to be consistent. Our state reps. and state senators need to know that they represent all of us; not just a few fanatical, vocal crazies or billionaires such as Rex Sinquefield.