Monday, February 01, 2016

Brunner releases first campaign ad

(From Missourians for John Brunner)

Missourians for John Brunner this morning announced the launch of a statewide radio advertisement campaign. The ad “Putting Faith Into Action” began airing over the weekend and is the first advertisement to be aired in the 2016 election cycle by a candidate for Missouri governor.
“We’re excited to be the first campaign out of the gate to begin airing a powerful character and values-driven ad to communicate John Brunner’s experience and beliefs to Missouri voters,” Communications Director Mike Hafner said. “John Brunner is a US Marine, CEO, life-long conservative, and missionary who believes in putting beliefs into action to get the job done.”
The ad features Jan Brunner, John’s wife of 39 years, highlighting John’s service as a United States Marine, his decades-long work turning around the family manufacturing business and growing hundreds of jobs, as well as his work as a missionary serving throughout the world.
“John Brunner has quickly emerged as the leader of Missouri conservatives in the governor’s race,” Hafner said. “This election for Missouri’s next governor presents a clear and compelling choice – between Chris Koster, a trial lawyer and a 22-year career politician, versus John Brunner – a US Marine and successful CEO. Missourians are motivated to elect a leader with broad experience whose values run deep. John Brunner has over three decades of military and business experience, and he is ready on Day One to put those experiences into action for the betterment of Missouri.”
The Brunner campaign advertisements to Missouri voters began airing statewide on Saturday, and includes similar character-driven ads on multiple digital platforms including mobile, social, and web media.
To Listen to “Putting Faith Into Action” Please See:
Script for “Putting Faith Into Action”
JAN BRUNNER: I’m Jan Brunner. My husband, John Brunner, is running for governor.
John always volunteers for the tough serving our country as a Marine. He then volunteered to come back to Missouri help his father save the family business.
I saw John struggle and work for decades to turn around his company – to make it successful – and grow hundreds of new jobs.
What you may not know, is that John is a man of faith. John and I met as teenagers in church and this June we’ll be married for 40 years.
John believes in putting his faith into action. So he helps build orphanages and churches – supports Christian missions around the world – and provides scholarships for the children of our fallen soldiers.
You know John Brunner is a successful man. I wanted you to know he is also a good man, with a good heart.
Now he’s volunteering for another tough job – Governor of Missouri. I know he’ll be a good governor because he has a good heart.
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