Thursday, February 04, 2016

Humphreys family buys The Candy House, expansion possible

(News release)

Debra and David Humphreys (TAMKO’s CEO) have signed a letter of intent to purchase the assets of The Candy House from owners Terry and Pat Hicklin with a goal of continuing and perhaps even expanding the Candy House business.

"We are truly honored to have the opportunity to continue the tradition of The Candy
House, which has been a part of the Joplin community experience for decades,” David Humphreys said.

“Like TAMKO, The Candy House will continue to be family-owned and operated here in Joplin. My memories include the excitement as a kid getting candy with my grandmother and then as an adult with my own kids on special occasions,” Humphreys said. “Kids of all ages have grown up with the treats from The Candy House and we look forward to continuing that kind of fun.”

“The Hicklins have done a wonderful job growing the Candy House name and business not only in Joplin but in the four-state area. We look forward to adding our efforts for continued growth and hope to add additional jobs as we consider expansion of The Candy House operations.” Business will continue with minimal disruption at the downtown Joplin location.

About The Candy House

The Candy House has been providing quality chocolates to its loyal customers since 1970. Since humble beginnings in historic Redings Mill near Route 66, a tradition was started and perfected. Only the finest ingredients go into Candy House products. The quality will bring you back to a sweeter and simpler time. Today, the factory and candy store in located in downtown Joplin, MO at 5th & Kentucky where folks can come by for a tour and delicious samples.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm....I don't know. Something sounds fishy.

Anonymous said...

A big "thank you" to the Humphreys family for stepping up and purchasing this "iconic" business.

Once again the Humphreys family has shown community leadership that will ensure that current and future generations will experience the sweet pleasures provided by the Candy House.

Anonymous said...

What sounds fishy?

Anonymous said...

6:56 PM: Not necessarily.

For the owners of a small company like this, one of the hardest things to do can be "cashing out", selling the business so they can retire or whatever, and especially so if they want it to continue. A local business family like the Humphreys who grew up enjoying the products of the company is about the best bet possible, and their manufacturing background will certainly be useful.

Anonymous said...


Care to explain?

Anonymous said...

Could Fred and Red's be next?

Anonymous said...

And I'll never go there again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the Humphreys family!