Monday, March 06, 2017

House Committee passes bill expanding charter schools into Jasper County

(From Rep. Ingrid Burnett, D-Kansas City)

On Monday, 2/27, the House Committee on Elementary and Secondary Education passed a charter school expansion bill that was amended to expand charters into these areas in Missouri: Jackson, Jefferson, St. Charles, St. Louis, Boone, Buchanan, Camden, Cape Girardeau, Cass, Christian, Clay, Cole, Franklin, Greene, Jasper, Platte, St. Francois and Taney.

Over the last few weeks, people all across the state have been pushing back against HB 634 which would have expanded charter schools throughout the state of Missouri. Nearly 50% of charter schools fail within two years of being created and have cost the state more than $600 million in YOUR tax dollars.

Charter schools are not the answer for Missouri’s education needs. It is critical that you contact your Representatives to let them know your position regarding HB 634. I have seen a few very good models of charter schools and I believe it makes better sense to work toward fixing what’s broken before expanding an unreliable product throughout the state.


Harvey Hutchinson said...

We need to offer all sorts of educational opportunities
This Representative is out of line
Encourage your Representative and Senator to vote for it( did anyone see President Trumps example of a young lady working in her Masters degree, due to Charter Schools?

Harvey Hutchinson 303-522-6622 voice&text 24/7

Anonymous said...

This representative is not out of line. Do your research. Do not just drink the Republican kool-aid. A couple of weeks ago, the LA Times published a story about Charter Schools and how they were not working. The Charter schools in Missouri are also failing. There are statistics showing this.

Did you hear the public school students going to Boston College, MIT, Vanderbilt, Arkansas, Missouri, and other big name schools from the public schools? I know those students personally.

Just because it is a Republican idea, it does not mean it is a good idea.

Harvey Hutchinson said...

Also part of the system are faith based such as McCauley, et al performing very important needs

Quit looking for reasons to bash President Trump and Governor Greitens

Harvey Hutchinson 303-522-6622 voice&text 24/7

Anonymous said...

?I never mentioned the President or the Governor. I am an educator worried about teaching everyone, not just the elite. The Republican stance on education forced me to leave the political party.

I presented facts and sources that back up arguments. Harvey, you do not present anything, except your number. You do not even present complete sentences.

Did you do your research? Did you read the article? Or are you that child that expects everything to given to them?

Anonymous said...

Poor Harvey,

In reference to your comment "Quit looking for reasons to bash President Trump and Governor Greitens".

We don't have to look for reasons to bash them. They are doing an excellent job of coming up with reasons all by themselves. If it benefits the money loving, racist, white supremacist bigots called the "party before country republicans" then they are all for it.

Harvey Hutchinson said...

To Anonymous 5:28

If you are interested in all children having education opportunities; what's the problem with various type schools such as McCauley and others?

The example President Trump used in his speech to the Congress. Illustrates that some children have special needs, and can end up better without the 100% conformity you seem to imply.

Some of the recent Spelling Bee and Geography Bee winners were actually home schooled

Harvey Hutchinson 303-522-6622 voice&text 24/7