Monday, March 06, 2017

Ridder: We are investigating what happened to Spencer Nicodemus

In a news release issued this afternoon, Joplin R-8 Interim Superintendent Norm Ridder said the district is continuing to investigate the accident at Irving Elementary School that took the life of Joplin High School senior Spencer Nicodemus Thursday.

Ridder noted that the process will include "attorneys, investigators and experts.

Nicodemus, who was volunteering with Irving students, was killed when a basketball goal fell on him, crushing his torso, according to the autopsy.

The news release is printed below:

We see, hear, and feel the community sharing in the loss that we feel for Spencer Nicodemus, and it warms our hearts to know his life impacted so many in such positive ways. We believe that the community shares our need to understand how this happened.

Both the family and the school are investigating what has happened. We hope you understand that this process takes time and will involve attorneys, investigators, and experts; and the school and family's purpose of this process is to understand, to protect, and to prevent.

Dr. Norm Ridder
Superintendent of Joplin Schools

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