Thursday, March 02, 2017

Joplin High School senior Spencer Nicodemus killed in accident at Irving Elementary School

(From Joplin Schools)

UPDATE: The Jasper County Coroner confirmed that the Joplin High School student who died this morning was senior Spencer Nicodemus, 18.)

This morning, a high school student who was volunteering at Irving Elementary School was injured in an accident in the gymnasium. No other students were injured.

Staff responded and contacted emergency medical personnel. After being taken to the hospital for medical treatment, the student passed away. The student's family is in our thoughts and hearts during this very difficult time.

Joplin Schools is currently cooperating in an investigation of the incident.


Anonymous said...

This is so heart breaking. I've known him since before he was born. He was a wonderful kid.

Anonymous said...

It was very unfortunate what happened. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows what terrible jobs people did to make deadlines! Windows leaking, cracks in drywall and at Irving, the overhead entry leading to the kindergarten area was not stable so they bolted two metal beams into the floor up to the ceiling to keep it from falling. Total joke!! All that money wasted and jobs not done properly enough to keep the kids safe! This student was a genuinely great person and to lose him over something like this is preposterous!

Anonymous said...

I hope his family sues the school for every penny it has.

Anonymous said...

Sue.... Landis,Steele,Mike Johnson,Sharp and the real instigator HUFF....TRAGIC EVENT...RUSHED WORK

Anonymous said...

People, Show some class and compassion. This family and their friends just lost someone very special to them. They don't need or want to read your comments about what they should do in this very sad time for them, and let the rest of it sort itself out in due time.