Thursday, March 02, 2017

Gunshot reported at Northpark Mall unconfirmed, but arrests are made

While it is not clear exactly what is going on at Northpark Mall, it has definitely been the site of major Joplin Police Department activity over the past couple of hours after a report of a gunshot.

A video shot in the mall parking lot indicates police officers were surrounding a vehicle on the south side of the mall by the Macy's store, while this photo shows two officers taking a man away in handcuffs. Other arrests were made, but none were connected to the earlier report, according to the police department.

The Joplin Police Department news release is printed below:

At 4:44 p.m the department responded to the Northpark Mall in reference to a disturbance where it was reported a single gunshot had been fired. After investigating the event no victims, suspects, or supporting evidence was located. Witnesses did report hearing a single shot.
Officers were again called to the mall by security after witnessing possible suspects. Some arrests have been made, at this time none of the arrests are related to the original disturbance.
At this point there is no known threat to the public. It has been questioned if the mall is on lockdown, it is not.
If and when more information is available we will communicate that information.
No lockdown at Joplin's Northpark Mall

JPD was called about a single gunshot being fired outside of the mall late this afternoon. According to Captain Rusty Rives, officers arrived and found no such incident.

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Londa Stanley said...

That's one of the guys arguing and swinging on each other but he's not the one who shot the gun